10 Most Friendly And Delightful Dog Breeds – Friendly Dog Breeds


10 Most Friendly And Delightful Dog Breeds. It is a know fact that dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are adorable and lovely creatures, aside from their loyalty and submissiveness they are good companion and renders unconditional love.

10 Most Friendly And Delightful Dog Breeds - Friendly Dog Breeds

However, not all breeds can be friendly with all members of the family and other pets. Some dogs are very aggressive and possessive in nature. While on the other hand some ate very friendly and calm. In this article l will show you up to 10 most friendly and delightful dog breeds.

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10 Most Friendly And Delightful Dog Breeds

This article will enable you to make the right choice when it comes to selecting the most friendly and delightful dog breeds. Because when choosing the right dog its just like choosing a new family member.

Of course, you will like to choose a dog that will be friendly to all family members and other pet around the house. Alright lets get started!

Golden Retriever Breeds

The golden Retriever Breeds are very cute and famous too. They are often cheerful, calm and full of confident. This breeds extends its friendliness to all members of his new household. Also, they are friendly with strangers as well.

The golden retriever breeds are very gentle in nature and they can socialize with just anybody including other house pets. If a golden retriever breed is well trained they do not display bad attitude, always obedient and submissiveness to its owner.

Labrador Retriever Breeds

The Labrador Retriever Breeds are most popular and friendliest dog breeds. They are soft, very social, gentle, playable and patient. They are highly intelligent and very fun to be around with. They have a very great sense of humor and adventure.

The  Labrador retriever breeds are kids friendly, the love playing and being around kids. They will a great companion to your children especially if you need a playmate for your kids.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeds

The Cavaliers dog breeds are gentle and sweet dogs. Very energetic and gentle too. Just like the Labrador breeds they live playing with kids too. They love snuggling up on labs for cuddles.

The Cavaliers dog breeds are very social and very security conscious too. A good companion for kids and security guard too. They socialize with even nee family members and pets in the house.

Poodle Breeds

Poodles breeds are great dog to have in a house. They are very intelligent, cute and affectionate.

Poodles are always energetic to play games, they ate very playful in nature with exceptional loyalty. They love attention, they are great companion as they seek to make one smile with their playful nature. They play both with adults and children and even with other house pets.

Beagles Breeds

Beagles breeds ate just much fun to be around. Beagles breeds ate merry dogs that can fit into any lifestyle. They ate the social butterfly of the dog park and will always keep you content with friendly disposition.

They are energetic, with quick socialization. They are playful with kids, adult and strangers. They have great character of building a strong bond with every member of the family.

Havanese Breeds

It has be discovered that Havanese breeds are mostly used as pet around the world. The Havanese breeds are popularly known for its small size, adorable and attractive looks.

The Havanese dog breeds are very hairy in nature. They are gentle, affectionate and playful. The remain peaceful and delightful with each house members. They are very social and friendly always love to hang around its owner.

Collie Breeds

Collie breeds are very intelligent and quick learners, so training them is often very easy. Collie breeds ate active, very friendly but yet very protective. They are very loyal in nature and gentle also. They socialize very fast especially with new family members.

Also, collie breeds are very caring and they try to always very playful. A well trained Collie dog can remain quite in doors. As they love being around people especially children which they see as playmate.

The Bull dog

The bull dog are very friendly breed of dogs most people mistake them for Bull Terrier or The Pit Bull. All these three are completely different breeds. Bull dogs ate very loyal and friendly both to children and adults as well. They share strong bond with children as they get along very we with them.

Bull dogs ate seen as excellent family pets, although bull dogs can be very stubborn most times, but they are excellent family pet. If its well trained a bull dog can remain totally submissive and obedient.

A bull dog can socialize very easily with other house pets. Even if you had a dog before and you’re planning to bring in another one, a bull dog will associate faster with others. But you will really need to take care of them especially in cleaning their jaw, teeth and their coats needs minimal care too to avoid dirt built up.

Boxer dog Breeds

The boxer has become more popular because of their friendly nature. But still retain the quality of their breed by being a great guard dog. They are very protective but pushy. They ate your children’s best buddy. They love to accompany the family on outings, they jump into the car and stick their head out the window and make passerby to smile.

Irish Setters Breeds

Irish Setters are very friendly, their face exudes happiness, which will affect yours immediately too. The Irish Setters ate known for their hairy brown coat. They ate energetic, very cute, playful and can socialize with everyone.

They love playing with children, very more comfortable with children. They love being around their family so much because they hate being alone. Painters appreciate and love using this breeds to represent contentment in their work. They ate originally bred to hunt birds.


Living with any dog can be exciting and add great happiness to your life while reducing stress too. Whenever you walk a dog it helps to keep one active outdoors. Bit when you live with a friendly dog life takes new levels.

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