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Websites today are where people go to get information. Different countries differ with the number of most visited or popular sites. This is one of the reasons we will be discussing today 10 Most Popular Websites in South Africa. With this in mind, let us also know that the list of the most popular websites in South Africa will also be some of the most visited sites in South Africa or South African sites. There are so many websites in South Africa and each of these websites all have a particular focus. Some websites might be focused on music while others in sharing news.

10 Most Popular Sites in South Africa

The 10 Most Popular Websites in South Africa will be shared in this article so you do not have to worry about a thing. A brief description will also be left under the sites so you know exactly what the site is all about. However, you should know that there is a tendency the list is going to change. However, we will be discussing the 10 most popular sites in South Africa today.

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The 10 Most Popular Sites in South Africa

Finally, this is the section of this article where you are finally going to learn some of the most popular sites in South Africa. It is advised that you pay close attention until you complete this section of this article if that is your goal.


The Gumtree website has been ranked amongst the most popular and most visited sites in South Africa. According to results gathered, over ninety percent of the site visitors are from South Africa. The remaining percentages are from other parts of the world. This site Gumtree.co.za is an online marketplace where you can buy all sorts of things. You could buy cars, laptops, houses and so on from the platform. The website can also help you to get jobs.


New24.com is definitely one of the most visited sites in South Africa. You probably should have heard about this website one way of the other. If you haven’t, then you are in luck because you are hearing about it now. It is one of the best new websites in South Africa. It provides to its customers with information for both local and international happenings around the world. The headquarters of this website is in Cape Town.

Bidorbuy.co.za – 10 Most Popular Websites in South Africa

Bidorbuy.co.za is another online market site that helps connect South African buyers and sellers for trade. There are two kinds of ways you can sell on this platform. You can sell by selling your product directly to a buyer and you can also sell by auctioning a product. The site started to gain popularity in the year 2012 even though it has been in existence since 1999.


Now, Fnb.co.za is a commercial banking website that provides banking services to over seven million customers. From this figure, South Africans accounted for over ninety percent. You might be surprised to learn that the site visitors range from college students to mature adults.


This website is owned and operated by the standard bank of South Africa. According to results gathered, more than eighty percent of the people who visit the site are from South Africa.

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This site is owned by one of the largest commercial and private banks in South Africa ABSA. There is a wide range of services offered by this bank and one of them includes internet banking.

Junkmail.co.za – 10 Most Popular Websites in South Africa

This site is generally used for selling and advertising products. Over ninety percent of users who visit this site are South Africans.


Iol.co.za is a website that focuses in providing a wide range of world news from South Africa. These news ranges from sports news, classified news, motoring news and business news as well.

Mybroadland.co.za – 10 Most Popular Sites in South Africa

This is a South African based website that relays information concerning all types of internet connection in the country. Over seventy percent of the website users are from South Africa.


Careers24.com is one of the biggest job websites in South Africa. This site can help individuals seeking for a job. Most of the website users are from South Africa.


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