10 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife to in Khor Fakkan


Khor Fakkan is one of the places in the Emirate of Sharjah, with stunning places to visit solo or with your spouse. In this article, we will be mentioning 10 romantic places to take your wife to in Khor Fakkan. This beautiful city in the Emirate of Sharjah has many attractive spots to visit with your spouse on your vacation. Well, let’s find out some of the romantic places to take your lover to in Khor Fakkan.

10 Romantic Places to Take Your Wife to in Khor Fakkan

Khor Fakkan is a popular spot among tourists due to its warm white sand beaches and coral reefs. So, if Khor Fakkan is on your list of places to take your wife to in the United Arab Emirates, you should read on. Below are some romantic spots in Khor Fakkan to visit;

Khorfakkan Heart Beach

Heart Beach in Khor Fakkan is one of the romantic places to take your wife to in Khor Fakkan. However, it is a bit of a climb to get there, but worth it. It is a treasure box of natural beauty, turquoise blue water, extravagant beaches, and breathtaking view.

Khorfakkan Waterfall

Watching waterfalls is one of the sweetest things you can do with your wife while on a vacation and Khorfakkan Waterfall gives a nice feel of life. Although the waterfall is man-made, it is still a beautiful sight to behold. Moreover, from the top opening, you can enjoy the panoramic views of Khorfakkan beach. The Khorfakkan Waterfall is described as the place where nature meets technology.

Shees Park

This is a recreational park in Khor Fakkan, Sharjah. Shees park is a serene and greenery environment to take your wife to and have a nice time together. There is plenty of things to do together at Shees park including admiring the park’s waterfall, climbing the mountain walkways, enjoying a stroll around the park, or visiting the theatre and enjoying a show.

Also, there is a barbecue spot to enjoy yummy barbecues, however, it is only allowed in designated areas in the park.

Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa

This is one of the destinations to go to have that perfect baecation with your wife. Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort and Spa is a 4-star resort. Imagine soaking up the sun at the resort with your wife and also enjoying the private beach, warm sand, gleaming waters, and lush greenery scene.

Stepping into this Arabic resort and spa rooms or suites is like entering a world of supreme comfort. All the rooms and suites feature first-class amenities and services to make your staycation memorable.

Emirates Sea Restaurant – Khorfakkan Beach

This is the one-stop for seafood lovers; if your wife is one of them, you should take her to the Emirates Sea Restaurant. The menu at this sea restaurant is a paradise for foodies. Ranging from deep and shallow catches, there is a dish for you and your wife to try out and enjoy.

Emirates Sea restaurant provides a wide range of offerings for various ethnic tastes including Chinese, Continental, Indian, Persian, Arabic, and Thai.

Rebou Lebanon

Rebou Lebanon restaurant is located just opposite the stunning Khorfakkan beach. The ambiance is top notch and the restaurant offers the most delicious eastern and western meals and appetizers. It offers a romantic atmosphere for you and your wife to enjoy a romantic date.

Al Rabi Hiking Trail

Enjoy an easy hike with a trail together at Khor Fakkan. Al Rabi Hiking Trail offers the best hiking experience in the United Arab Emirates. Taking your wife to the Hike trail will leave her in awe. You can expect gorgeous views of the ocean and Khor Fakkan mountains while enjoying the well-built hiking trail.

Thai Gate Restaurant

Thai Gate is an authentic Thai restaurant that has been serving Khor Fakkan, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaima since 2019. You can take your wife to this Thai restaurant to try out new delicacies and satisfy your tastebuds. Buying delicious meals for your partner is a way to show how much you care about them, because why not? Food is very important and there is a joy that comes with seeing and trying out exotic meals.

Khorfakkan Beach

Khorfakkan Beach is one of the romantic places to take your wife to in Khor Fakkan. The beach is very clean and has interesting activities to engage in with your spouse such as Diving, Kayaking, Parasailing, and Jet Ski. It is one of the most stunning beaches in the United Arab Emirates to visit. It is very silent, evident, and calm.

Khorfakkan Amphitheatre

Khorfakkan Amphitheatre is an amphitheatre and a cultural landmark in the Emirate of Sharjah located in Khor Fakkan. It is a stunning place to visit with your wife and have fun. Also, you can fill your taste buds with delicious dishes from the Amphitheatre restaurant and café.

A ravishing waterfall which is man-made is cascading down next to the Amphitheatre. Indeed, the Khorfakkan Amphitheatre is a stunning sight to sight, and have some fun while at it.


There, is a list of beautiful places to go sightseeing with your wife in Khor Fakkan. We hope you find it helpful and make some readjustments to your list of places to visit in the Emirates. Also, use the comment section and leave your thoughts or suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khorfakkan known for?

Though, being a small city in the Emirate of Sharjah, Khor Fakkan is a little gem on the sea of Oman. Also, it is known for its fertile land, the famous Hajar Mountains, and only natural deep seaport. It is a beautiful quiet city to visit, sightsee and relax.

What Emirates is Khor Fakkan?

Khor Fakkan is a city in the Emirate of Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates. The city is an enclave located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman and separated from the main part of the emirates.

Is BBQ allowed in Khor Fakkan?

Yes, it is available in Shees park. However, barbecue is only allowed in the designated area within the park, which means you can only enjoy your barbecue in the spot designed for it.

Can we swim in Khorfakkan?

Yes, swimming on the Khorfakkan beach is allowed. You can explore the water with a chill swimming or boat ride or jet skiing rentals.

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