10 Signs that Prove you’re Financially Stable


How do you know that you’re living a financially stable life? Quite hard, yeah? In this 10 Signs that Prove you’re Financially Stable article, I will be sharing some signs that show you’re okay and stable. Be financially buoyant and stable is a goal everyone is aiming for, but for those with money, but still don’t know if they stable, then is a post for you.

10 Signs that Prove you're Financially Stable

Individuals have quite different opinions on what financial stability means. However, there are some signs to watch out for to know if you’re stable. In this article, I will be sharing 10 signs that prove you to be financially strong and stable. So, let’s dive in.

In life, we as humans tend to be our worst financial critics, mostly when are yet to reach our goals. Now, here’s the thing, why not focus on what you have accomplished instead of what you haven’t?

Being financially stable is a gradual process, you can’t just be rich or buoyant in a day or so unless you’ve been saving and working hard.

Once you focus more on what you’ve accomplished on what you haven’t, you will find out that you’ve done than you even realize. Know that, you don’t have to be super rich or wealthy to be financially stable. Though, we have different opinions of what counts as being stable.

10 Signs That Shows You’re Financial Stable

Are you financially stable, prove it. You’re financially stable if;

You’re at Peace with Your Financial Situation

This is one of the greatest signs that you’re financially buoyant and stable. If you’re at the point where nothing related to money bothers you, then you’re stable.

This is like when something comes up, you could just tell yourself you’ve got it covered because the fund is there to sort it. If you have this confidence, then I am happy to announce that you’re financially stable.

You Pay Bills on Time

If you also stay ahead in your bill’s payment with no debt, then it’s a sign that you’re financially stable and very buoyant. The kind of stability that makes you pay for bills even before they expire or requested.

As I earlier said, you don’t need to be super rich or wealthy to be stable, the little things you do account for that. Well, that’s my own opinion, as we all have different opinions.

You’ve got an adequate emergency fund

If you’re at the point where life just throws some crazy financial surprises at you but got it covered. Oh, that’s a great sign you’re stable. You know life can be so unpredictable, that you can’t tell what will happen in the next five minutes.

But if any of that happens, or lose your job, but you’ve got a very adequate emergency fund, you’re very stable financially.

You don’t argue about Money

If you have a spouse or staying with a partner, not having arguments or fights about money, then it’s another great sign that you’re stable in your finances.

If you and your spouse or partner can stay with fighting over how they spend too much, or debt, then you’re stable. This is a good sign to look out for.

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You Don’t Lose Sleep Due to Financial Problems

This doesn’t mean you won’t have the occasional fund worries, well we all do. However, if for the most part, your financial worries don’t keep you awake at night, it is a sign.

When you’re content with where are, no matter if you’re striving to achieve certain goals.

You’re Afraid of the Future

Financially stable people have a smile on their faces when they think about their future. They are always excited about the new opportunities and what they might bring.

Financial instability stokes fear and worry. If you’re unstable, you’re will be so scared of the future and what it will bring. So, if you have the confidence and so expectant on your future brings and opportunities, then you’re financially stable.

You can Withstand Large Purchases

Big purchases are expensive and can include anything. Regardless of the amount or how big the purchase is and you’re able to make it, then you’re stable and buoyant more than you could think of.

You Invest in Yourself

No matter if you have a job or happy there, it’s quite good to improve your skills. Investing in you can increase your potential at work or maybe have different income streams.

If you can use your money to invest in yourself, maybe go somewhere far from your comfort zone to leave something new, it’s a great sign of stability.

Your Net Worth Goes Up Each Year

Of course, the major aim of becoming financially buoyant is to be able to grow your net worth each year. If you’re saving more, avoiding debt, and also building more streams of passive income.

Then you can create an upward trajectory for your future finances. That means you don’t have to worry about your future and how to make money, because you’re already saving and working towards that.

You Can Control Your Finances

One question to ask yourself is “Am I controlling my finances or they are controlling me? Being financially stable or buoyant means, you decide where your money goes into rather than the living of salary to salary. If you’re able to control how your finances are being spent, then it’s a sign you’re financially stable.

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