15 Best Affordable Watches to Buy in Nigeria

In this article, we will be providing readers with the 15 best affordable watches to buy in Nigeria. Today, smartwatches are increasing in Nigeria, and you can get affordable ones for yourself. These watches are used to perform some functions that could have been carried out on a smartphone.

The price of a smartwatch in Nigeria goes with quality and specifications. There are a few things to consider when buying a watch.

You need to look into the features you need in a watch. Some people want a watch that can track their sleep, activity, and calories burned.

15 Best Affordable Watches to Buy in Nigeria

15 Best Affordable Watches to Buy in Nigeria

You also need to consider the battery life; some smartwatches can last for several days on a single charge, while others need to be charged daily.

Check out the 15 best affordable watches to buy in Nigeria:

Xiaomi Mi Watch

It is one of the best and most easily available smart watches in Nigeria. It was produced by Xiaomi, a tech giant and mobile maker. The cost of a Xiaomi watch starts at N29,00 to N32,000. Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch is one of the best and most good smartwatches with good prices in Nigeria.

Oramio Smart Watch 1.69

The Oraimo brand is sold in almost every store in Nigeria.  It was founded in 2013 to focus on selling electronic devices and digital accessories, like speakers, headphones, smart watches, power banks, and other items.

Using this watch, you get ultimate comfort on your wrist, upgraded wireless technology, and a fresh face every day.

I Watch Series 7 Ful Touch Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch

The I Watch Series 7 smartwatch has a 1.8-inch high-definition surface screen cover in the 3D glass. This watch adopts a borderless design and natural transition alloy to enhance the visual appeal and provide a more extensive content display area.

Smart Bluetooth watches for iOS and Android

This smartwatch utilizes a dynamic color display on a large screen and a variety of sports modes to make sports more interesting. The USB interface can be charged by removing the wrist strap.

M4 intelligence

This smartwatch can be used to accomplish different operations, including health fitness, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, and calorie monitoring. This watch also contains a bracelet, exercise GPS, and a tracking device.

A1 Smartwatch

The A1 smartwatch is open to everybody. It has a camera and pedometer, an alarm clock, a sleep monitor, a sedentary reminder, a calendar calculator, a voice recorder, daylight saving time, muti-language, and many others.

I5 Smartwatch

This smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.4+, iOS 8.4+, and Bluetooth 4.0. You can easily operate the smartwatch by touching the screen.

It can be used to manage your steps when you are engaging in an exercise. Also keep track of your steps, calories burned, running path, and travel time

Silicone LED Digital Sports Electronic Wristwatch

The LED watch is the pure definition of a “digital” watch. The LED watch doesn’t have hands or painted-on numbers. It uses tiny light nodes to make light.  And no matter what time it is the diodes will light up to show that. It is also one of the most affordable watches in Nigeria.

T55 Smart Watch

It will interest you to know that this smartwatch comes with an extra wrist strap and has lots of different functions.

This smartwatch is endowed with the ability to process information and meets the basic technical needs of a watch. It is among the most attractive smartwatches in Nigeria.

Oraimo Silver Edition Smart Watch 1.69

This watch is built with stunning colors and expanding horizons, along with a touch panel for easy control. Interaction design finger to directly tap, press, or slide on the whole interface. The anti-oil and fingerprint nanocoating on the surface is resistant to stains, fingerprints, and germs.

Series 6 Smartwatch

The price of a series smartwatch in Nigeria ranges from N14,000 to N17,000. The smartwatch comes in different colors and labels. They are among the cheapest smartwatches on the Nigerian market currently.

Fitbit Smart Watch

The price of a Fitbit smartwatch in Nigeria is between N97,000 and N147,000, depending on the model of the Fitbit smartwatch in Nigeria. But some of the well-known Fitbit Smartwatch models in Nigeria are versa 2 and versa 3.

Casio MTP-VD300D-2EUDF

This is the perfect accessory, no matter where your day takes you. These timepieces are water-resistant for everyday use, freeing you from worry when out in the rain or washing, and have a stainless-steel band.

LIGE Chronograph Leather Watch

The LIGE watches have been taken to standard depths with water-resistant materials and are a trusted companion for exploration (resistant to rain and water splashes).

It is one of the best watches, and its quality, design, and build quality mean that you won’t regret owning this watch. Lastly, it is an excellent watch for the price range and combines a strong mix of style, elegance, and function.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The watch features a bright circular AMOLED touchscreen and comes in two sizes, with options for Bluetooth or LTE connectivity.

It boasts improved heart-rate tracking compared to the original Galaxy Watch Active and is compatible with both Android and iOS. However, if you pair it with an iPhone, you may not get access to all the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the cheapest watch brand?

The cheapest watch brand is Fastrack; it is a great choice for casual and inexpensive unisex wristwatches.

Is it good to buy a cheap watch?

If you are on a budget and need a watch just for an occasion, then a cheap watch will do. But if you want a watch that you will be wearing for years, it is better if you go for the expensive ones.

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