15 Best Wristwatch to Buy for your Kids

Wristwatches are one of the best gifts you can give to kids. It is hard for a child to understand time because they cannot see, touch, hear, or feel. The best way to help them understand it is to show them how they can measure it with a watch. That’s why we will be showing you the 15 best wristwatch to buy for your kids.

15 Best Wristwatch to Buy for your Kids

By doing this, once your child can see time recorded and passing, they will be able to learn how to gauge instructions, like you telling them they have 5 minutes before it’s time for them to eat, go to bed, and do some other things.

15 Best Wristwatch to Buy for your Kids

Buying your child a watch is more than them knowing what time it is. It is an important step toward learning responsibility and independence.

Here are some of the best wristwatches to buy for your kids:

Casio A158WA-1 Digital Watch

If you want to introduce some swag into your kid’s life, then you need to consider this watch. It is packed with features; well, it’s got those classic 1980s looks and ships on a matching metal bracelet. It’s even water-resistant to 30m.


Well, this neat kid’s watch from Timex not only features an awesome fabric strap that is designed with sharks, but the hour and minute hands are clearly labeled “HOUR” and “MINUTE” for easy identification and learning.

There is a protection plan that is offered by Timex to replace stolen, lost, or broken watches.  And, if you want different colors, there are many more watches in the time machines.

Swatch Flik-Flak your color, Blast Blue

The truth is, there are so many cool SWATCH Flik-Flaks that it’s very hard for you to make a section out of any of them. But we have made the selections for you by offering this Your Color Blast Blue.

This watch measures 31.85mm; it’s highly legible; it has different-colored hour and minute hands; it is made of hard plastic; and it is water resistant to 30m.

Parchie school-Time

This watch was founded by former Hodinkee editor Cara Barrett. Parchie makes some of the best, hands-down coolest kid’s watches on Earth.

With 12-hour bezels and fabric straps, it is the sort of watch that you’re going to be tempted to steal from your kid.

Garmin Bounce

If you want to get connected to your child but don’t want to get him a smartphone, then you should consider buying the Garmin Bounce. It provides LTE connectivity for phone-free texts and voice messages, as well as tracking and safety features.

Apple Watch SE

As your kids get older, you might purchase an adult version for them. Such as the Apple Watch SE. It’s jam-packed with useful features such as activity tracking and swim-proof water resistance. It is available in different colors and with multiple band types.

Blok Watches

This is a Swiss brand solely making watches for children. The company’s durable plastic cases offer 100 meters of water resistance—not just that, but a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to retain legibility long-term. It is a steel rotating bezel that cleverly helps you measure common time intervals of 5, 10, 25, and 30 minutes

Seiko School Time

Back then, in the 90s, Seiko made watches primarily for schoolchildren, and that went on to delight fans of vintage Seiko curiosities. The brand revived the concept in 2019 with an updated model featuring solar charging.

Even if the watches look very minimalist and traditional, their details offer superb examples of watches thoughtfully built with a specific audience and purpose in mind.

Casio G-Shock 5600 Series

This watch will constantly be recommended because it has a lot of digital Casio watches that would be good for kids. The Square 5600 series watches are also about the smallest watch G-shock offers, making them perfect for smaller wrists.

Xplora X6Play Smart Watch

If your kids tend to be hard on their technology, then they need a watch that can stand up to the rigors of daily use. Whether they’re on the playground, in the classroom, at sports practice, or out exploring their neighborhood on their bikes, this watch is designed to be durable and reliable.

With a sturdy watch band that’s easy for kids to put on and take off and raised edges around the displays to protect the screen, you can be sure that your child’s watch will last for a long time.

Gabb Watch 3

Well, if you have been searching for a kid-friendly smartwatch that has a long battery life, then you should consider getting the Gabb Watch 3.

You will be very happy to know as a parent or guardian that this watch provides up to 48 hours per charge, as well as precise GPS tracking, surprisingly amazing designs, and an array of fine-tuned parental controls.

Robot Transformer watch

For kids who are always craving AI and robots, this mini robot transformer watch is the perfect option for them.

It is made of sturdy ABC plastic, adding to the child’s delight. The two side buttons make it easy to set the time. The vibrant colors make it compatible with all kinds of clothing, and the robot-style dial features articulate parts, adding to the child’s delight.

Tonnier Digital Sports watch

This watch is built with a bright and vibrant digital watch with quality craftsmanship and is perfect for kids who are into sports. It is available in four various color variants; the watch is made of soft PU material.

Cakcity LED Sports Watch

The sports watch is for boys and is also water-resistant. It will interest you to know that this fashionable watch has different functions, such as the date and time display LED light, alarm, and stopwatch. This LED watch for boys comes in ten various color options, and each is perfectly designed.

Pasnew Easy Reader Girls’ Watch

It is a pretty watch with a leather band designed to appeal to children as young as 3 years old. This watch face is designed with delicate flowers, and the points where the strap attaches to the bezel have a trio of crystals.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should a child buy a watch?

It seems like a nice idea to wait until your child can read and do basic things, but these watches help them learn faster. So, we will say from five onwards is the perfect age.

What is the best smartwatch for an 11-year-old girl?

Well, Apple’s Family Setup features allow parents to control their child’s watch by approving apps, creating contact lists, and using GPS features to track their child’s location.

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