2019 Best Gas Rebate Credit Cards – Rebate Credit Cards


Have you ever wondered the 2019 best gas rebate credit cards?  Well, you should know what gas rebates credit card is before looking for the best.  A gas rebate credit card is a card that helps cardholders gets back a certain percentage of the funds they consume on gas every month. This is usually in the form of a rebate check. It doesn’t matter what you use gas for but if you use gas on a daily basis then you need one of these cards to save your expenses. Here is a list of some of the gas rebate credit cards I think you should look into.

2019 Best Gas Rebate Credit Cards - Rebate Credit Cards

Bank of America Cash Rewards Credit Card

The bank of America cash rewards credit card is loved by almost everyone because it is just like another no-annual-fee card to them. It offers users credible rewards for purchasing gas. These bonuses can even be boosted up to 75% if you are a preferred rewards client with the bank. This card gives users three percent cash back on your preferred category.

This category could be gas purchases, online shopping, travel, dining, and drug stores. You are also rewarded with two percent bonus on all other purchases. Before you can successfully apply for this card, your credit limit must range between excellent and good. After spending up to five hundred dollars in the first three months, you would be rewarded with a  150 dollars bonus.

Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card

This card is loved by us because they have a good solid reward on gas purchases. There is also cellular phone insurance if you pay cellular bills using the card. You can earn a thirty thousand bonus points when you spend up to three thousand dollars in the first three month of your account opening.

The bonus points amount to three hundred dollars in cash redemption. This card does not also charge an annual fee. It can be said to be a zero-annual-fee card. This card gives users three times points for every one dollar that is spent on gas stations.

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

This card charges an annual fee of just ninety five dollars. You stand the chance to get two hundred dollars after spending up to one thousand dollars in the first three month of your account opening. This card has reward categories which make it one of the best cards for your family. You can use this card to earn unlimited three percent cash back on all gas purchases made on US stations. There is also a six percent cash back on the first six thousand dollars you spend.

That is the top three best cash rebate credit card for March 2019. Stay tuned for more updates.


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