7 Online Apps to Buy Light Units in Nigeria

If you are searching for apps you can use to buy light units in Nigeria, then this article will be very useful for you. We will be sharing 7 online apps to buy light units in Nigeria, so keep reading. With these apps, you can easily pay for your prepaid electricity bills from your comfort anytime. 

7 Online Apps to Buy Light Units in Nigeria

As a prepaid meter user, you will be left in darkness without light units in your home or office. Leaving your comfort to go spend hours in queues to pay or buy light units can be very stressful, but those days are gone. There are mobile applications on the app store that you can install into your phone and make your electricity bill payments from anywhere. 



In Nigeria now, various platforms and apps are offering users the opportunity to buy light units easily, provided they have a stable internet and phone number or email. Eager much? Aren’t you? Well, let’s not take much of your time and proceed to share the 7 apps to buy light units in Nigeria. 

Here is a list of our handpicked apps to pay electricity bills in Nigeria; 


BuyPower is a reliable and easy-to-use app in Nigeria for recharging your prepaid electricity bill online. It has an app for Android and iOS devices, so regardless of the device you’re using, BuyPower is available for you. Also, the app is easy to use, making it a top choice for those less educated. Furthermore, this platform/app offers a unit calculator and good customer service. 


Another fast and reliable bill payment app to use and buy light units for your prepaid meter is iRecharge. It can also be used for airtime top-ups and Tv subscriptions. You can easily make your light bill payments provided you download the app onto your smartphone. Download iRecharge on Android and iOS devices. 


VTpass platform/app is a quick purchase of airtime, internet data bundles, DSTV, GOTV, PHCN, and other services in Nigeria. That means it allows users to make bill payments on their smartphones. It is one of Nigeria’s most used electricity bill payment apps. With VTpass installed on your iOS or Android phone, you can easily buy light units. 


Quickteller offers an easy way to buy prepaid light units and pay for other electricity bills in Nigeria. It is reliable and honesty is one of the best apps to use. Aside from paying electricity bills, it offers plenty of other features such as sending money to different banks, airtime purchases, etc. 


This is the newest in our list currently in Nigeria. Powerlight is solely dedicated to sorting or paying electricity bills in Nigeria. With it installed on your phone, you can buy prepaid meter light units and postpaid bills. It allows electricity payment to all electricity distribution companies in Nigeria. You can download the Powerlight app to your Android and iOS phones. 


The Jumiapay app is one of the easy and fast online payments for electricity city bills, both postpaid and prepaid. If you have a Jumia account, you can immediately start using it, or register for a new account to make your light units’ payments. Tested and trusted. Download Jumiapay today on your Android or iOS. 


KongaPay is another way to buy light units in Nigeria. It offers a friendly interface for all to understand and use. Even though KongaPay is a gateway payment method, it also is used for buying and paying electricity bills. You can download the KongaPay on your smartphone. 


With the prepaid meter light unit recharges apps, we have listed, hopefully, your electricity bill payments can be easily made on your device. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which app can I use to buy light? 

There are different apps you can use to buy light units such as Jumiapay, Lumia, Kongapay, VTpass, Quickteller, Powerlight, and many others. All you must do is to install the app on your smartphone. 

What app can I use to buy electricity online? 

You can use BuyPower to recharge your prepaid meter light units conveniently and safely from your house. 

How much is 100 units of electricity in Nigeria in 2022? 

100 units of prepaid meters in Nigeria costs NGN 5,964. 

How to buy a meter unit online? 

Visit the website of the platform you want to use and recharge your prepaid meter; enter your meter number and how many units you want to buy. 

Does the prepaid meter token expire? 

Yes, tokens expire after a year of not being used. It is not advisable to buy a token and not load it. 

How does Nigeria’s prepaid meter work? 

Yes, the prepaid meter in Nigeria works once you recharge or make your payment, the credit will be loaded on your card, which you will have to insert into your meter.

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