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Ads Manager is a Facebook tool that allows you to create and manage your Facebook ads. Users can access, make changes and see results for all their FB campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

However, you can create ad campaigns, manage multiple ads at once, and see how your ads perform. This is the starting point for running ads on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the audience network.

Moreover, Ads Manager is known as a tool for creating ads, managing where they’ll run the ads, and also tracking how well your campaigns are doing. It is also a strong ads management tool, but it’s designed for advertising of any experience level.

Ads Manager

With ads Manager, users can choose campaign parameters, like your objective and audience. Plus, manage creative work, that is, upload your ad creative, write ad copy and review how it looks like.

Ads Manager

You can access the ad manager on your iOS or Android device all you need is to download the app from the App store.

Facebook Ads Manager

You can create or monitor ads from anywhere. Thus, with the ads Manager app ft android and iOS, you can also monitor your campaign while you’re on the go and still access most of the features that comes with it.

So, with your mobile device, you can perform all ad manager actions with ease, anytime, anywhere, any day. The push notifications will keep you informed.

Facebook Ads Manager Tutorial

Searching for a tutorial on ad manager? This article is for you. This write-up unveils procedures on how to create new ad campaigns, how to edit ads, how to view results, and how to download the ads manager app. Read the tutorial beneath.

How To Create Ads Manager Facebook

To create an ad, users can create ads using the guided creation or quick creation. The guided creation leads you through the procedures to create a campaign from starting point to the end. While the quick creation, only lets you create the campaign and then create ad sets and ads later. If you’re familiar with how to create ads, then you should use the quick option. The procedure below are the guide steps to follow.

Create a campaign

To create a campaign you must have an ad account:

  • Navigate to Page.
  • Tap on “go to ads manager” button.
  • On your account page, tap on “create” widget.
  • Choose an object that suits your business goal
  • Key in a descriptive name and create a split test.
  • Enable campaign budget optimization.
  • Tap on show more options to personalize campaign bid strategy, delivery type, or schedule.

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Create An Ad Set

On the ad set  form, do the following:

  • Fill in a name for your ad set.
  • Define your targeting audience, by choosing locations, age, gender, language and more.
  • Select where you want your ad to appear, by pressing on the “automatic placements” or “manual placements” button.
  • To choose particular device & operating system or exclude content and publishers, tap on “show more options”.
  • Choose the delivery option by hovering on “optimization for ad delivery” tab
  • Set your budget, if you disabled the budget while creating a campaign. Set the beginning and end date.

After setting the budget, click on the show more options to customize spend limits, Ad scheduling etc.

Create An Ad

To create an ad, do the following:

  • Choose your page, the ads are required to have associate-FB page.
  • Select an ad format.
  • Select the creative, or media you want to use for the ad.
  • Add text or write-up you will want to show in your ad.
  • Preview your ad
  • Click confirm.
  • To see how your ad will show across your placements, tap on the placements icons.

These are steps to create ads using Facebook ads Manager.

How To View Results On Your Facebook Ad In Ads Manager

To view the number of clicks on your ad, the number of people who viewed your ad and the amount you spent on your ad, follow the steps under

  • Go to the ads manager homepage
  • Click on “ campaigns”, “ad sets” or “ads” button
  • Press on “view charts” tab.
  • Then, you will see performance, demographics. Placement or delivery.
  • The performance field shows the number of clicks on your ad, demographics chart displays your ad performs across different ages and genders.

The placement field unveils how your ads perform across diverse placements like Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook Ads Manager app

Ads manager app is available for both Android and iOS Devices. With the mobile application, users can monitor their campaign and also view some other functions of ads manager. Thus, users can manage their ad budget, schedule, create and edit ads wherever they are, with ease, with the mobile app.

How to download the app

To download the mobile app, do the following

  • Progress to the play store, if you’re using Android device. Visit the app store if you’re using iOS device.
  • Find the search bar.
  • Then, search for “Facebook ads manager”.
  • Choose the app from the app result page.
  • Tap on the “Install” or “Get” button.

After downloading and installing the application, click on the launch button.


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