Advertising on Facebook – Pay for Advertising on Facebook


Facebook has so many features one could enjoy. Advertising on Facebook is one of such feature. You see, by merely advertising on the platform, you can create awareness for yourself, your business or your brand. If the advertising s targeted well, it could also help boost sales. As a businessman or woman, this is one of the many ways you should engage in to market your business. However, this pops a question. Some people would ask, why advertise on Facebook of all places. Well, you can advertise on other places, but Facebook is one of the most populated social media so far with users from all over the world.

Advertising on Facebook

The platform has over a billion users and this makes it one of the best place to start advertising for your business. You see, with advertising on this platform, you can get your business or products to whoever you think might be in need of it. you can target your advertising on the platform to a particular set of people.

Advertising on Facebook Groups, pages, and Timeline

Advertising on Facebook groups, pages and timeline might be tricky but it is simple and free. It does not require payment. The steps below will guide you in successfully advertising in Facebook groups, pages, and timeline.

  • Go to the official Facebook website and log in your account. You can easily log in your account by entering your login details into the boxes provided for you on the welcome page and tapping on login.
  • Now visit the page group or timeline you wish to advertise on and tap on the box indicating you can add a post there.
  • Add the description of what you want to advertise, some pictures and some tags. Makes sure you add every necessary detail when adding the description of what you want to advertise. If you have a website, it would be much easier since you just need to paste the link f the site there.
  • Tap on the post button and that is it.

Your post would now be visible on the page, timeline or group. However, sometimes it might be waiting for the approval of the admin.

Pay for Advertising on Facebook

On Facebook, you can also pay for advertising. Paying for advertising, you get a whole lot of option in creating your ad. However, you need a Facebook business page first. Once you have a Facebook business page, you can begin paid advertising on Facebook. To do so, hit the boost post button under a post on the business page and add a payment method. Alternatively, you can tap on the “Advertising on Facebook” icon from your menu icon and follow the onscreen instruction afterward.


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