Advertising your Business on Facebook – Facebook Advertising for Free


If you own a business or a brand and a Facebook account, I would suggest you start Advertising your Business on Facebook. This is going to go a long way in making sure your business, brand or product get recognized.

Facebook has over a billion users from all over the world. You could easily get your brand product or services to them simply by advertising your business on Facebook. It is always nice you get to new customers no matter the cost while still keeping the old ones. It helps boost sales and creates brand awareness.

Advertising your Business on Facebook

Facebook Advertising for Free

Now there are different ways to start advertising your business on Facebook. There is both paid advertising and free advertising. However, paid to advertise seems to be more effective than free advertising.

Nevertheless, since there is free advertising, it is best to make maximum use of it. This free advertising is all about posting your business along with its description on Facebook groups and pages. You could also post it on your friend’s timeline and yours. Doing this will enable both your friends and your friends to see your business. Doing this is advertising pour business to them.

One important strategy you should take note of should you decide to use this type of advertising is that you should only advertise to people you think may need it. What I mean to say is that you should only join groups you think members will be interested in your business or brands.

This will enable advertising your business on Facebook to have maximum effects. If you want to run the paid advertising for your business, then you must first have a Facebook business page. If you have one already, then tap on the Ads Manager icon in your menu icons and provide all the information that is required.

Facebook Business Page Creation

Follow the steps below to create a Facebook business page so you can start advertising your business on Facebook.

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Tap on your menu icon and then pages from the icon displayed. If you do not find the pages icon, you can tap on manage pages or check your explore section.
  • Tap on create a page and wait.
  • Select the options business or brand.
  • Enter the name for your page and choose a befitting category.
  • Continue with the setup and provide all the information you are asked to on the page.

If every information is provided, your page would be successfully created and you can add a cover photo. You could also add a profile photo and customize the page to your liking.


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