Affiliate Marketing – How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


The vast use of the internet these days can actually allow you to earn from your mobile device or PC. This Affiliate Marketing is one of such, many to get paid on the internet. Affiliate marketing is quoted as the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.

Affiliate Marketing

It is very simple. It is just like being the middleman between a buyer and a seller.

Affiliate Marketing

Getting the right products to the right consumers is what this Affiliate Marketing is all about. However, there are three parties involved in this type of business. These parties are;

  • The Advertiser.
  • The publisher.
  • And the consumer.

Each of these parties needs the other for the business to work. Affiliate marketing is believed to eat its very core about relationships.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I know you must be somewhat confused about what these parties actually mean and the role they have to play. Not to worry, I assure you I will discuss them and tell you their importance. However, before we continue, I would to pay rapt attention so you could grab whatever that is going to be said.

The Advertiser

Now, this is the beginning of the business. The advertiser is usually the one with the brand to sell. He is the one selling the products; the advertiser could be a sales company, an organization, or a single person. Whatever he or she is, he or she will have to get ad codes or images code with links to different products he wishes to sell.

The Publisher

The publisher is the middleman in the business. If you wish to earn from affiliate marketing, then the publisher is the one you want to be. The publisher must have a blog or a way to reach people on the internet. This could be a Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, and others. The publisher will have to place the pictures or ad codes of the publisher on his or her blog or account.

Now the work here is getting those pages with the ads or image URL to individuals you think might need it. The moment they click on the ad or image and they are redirected to the page where the ad leads, you will get a certain percentage.

If individuals buy from the page the ad redirected them to, you will get a certain percentage again. However, it all depends on the affiliate program you are running. Some will only pay you when an item is bought.

The Consumer

This is the last stage and the bottom stage. The publishers are meant to target and get products to the consumers if they want to earn. All the consumer is interested in is buying quality goods at affordable prices and if they sure can with the products you bring to them, they will definitely buy. The publisher just has to bring the right products to them at cool prices.

General Conclusion

Affiliate marketing is very simple and you could earn a lot from it. However, some consumers are a little scared and they might think it is one of such many ways to get defrauded. This is the only challenge you are going to face. It is advised for blog owners who intend to make money out of their blog sites to participate in this Affiliate Marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliate marketing is known to be how an affiliate earns a commission for marketing some other people’s or company’s products. The Affiliate simply Searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

The Affiliate marketing average income grows steadily. Commissions range from 5 – 10% of a sale. In addition, you may make only a few dollars on a product that is not expensive but make lots of money on the big-ticket items.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

You being an affiliate marketer requires skill, experience and work. It is not a fast or easy road to success, but if it is done properly, it can generate massive income.

How Can one Start Affiliate Marketing with no Money?

The only way to start affiliate marketing when you have no money is to get an affiliate link and start sending it to people you already know. While this is possible, it’s not scalable and would not make you enough money unless networking constantly.

What’s an Affiliate Marketer do?

How affiliate marketing works. Affiliate Marketing involves referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platform, podcast, or website.

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