Android 10: Android 10 Features And Compatible Devices


Are you an android device user? If you are then you have every reason to be happy, like super-duper excited right now. The new android version of Android 10 is here, that’s why you need to be excited as an android user. The new version of android is what every Android device user has been waiting for and now it is available to the public.

Android 10

Android 10

This new version is different from the previous ones of course. There are some similar features between this newly released version and older versions but also there are some notable and exciting differences, changes, and upgrades. If you haven’t tried the new android version 10, then you are missing out on a whole lot, you should try making use of it now. In the course of this article, I will be listing and writing on some of the new features of this newly android released version.

Android 10 Features

The main reason why this android version is different from other versions is its features. On this header, I will be listing and writing on some of the notable features of this android version. This version is called android Q and it is officially known as Android 10. Here are some of the features introduced along with this android version.

New Version New Name

This latest version of Android Q is just android 10. There’s no sort of dessert name attached to it. This is one of the features that differentiate it from other versions and fans are excited. Since the launch of android 1.5 cupcake, all of the versions produced after that have had a dessert name accompanied to it. But this version is different as Google has chosen to keep things quite simple so therefore android Q is just android 10.

No More Back Button

The back button which is one of the most iconic features of every version of android is gone. This feature will be no more with the new android version. This android version now has a fully gesture-based method of navigation. To go home, a user has to swipe up. To reveal the multitasking menu you have to swipe up and hold. A swipe from the left or right edge of your screen goes back. This is a really big step and shift in the android navigation system.

Dark Mode

This is one of my personal favorites. The all dark mode feature is now available in this new android version. The dark mode we are all used to in the Facebook messenger app will now be available in this android version. It is not exactly the facebook messenger type, but it is somewhat similar.

This feature can be turned on and off manually with a quick toggle setting. Google has also created a new API that app developers can use to make their apps go dark as well simultaneously with the system-wide one when it is turned on.

Multiple Theme Options

With this feature, users can easily customize the look of their mobile devices to suit them. This is one of the things that has always made android look great and stand out. The default color of this version is pixel blue, but you can change to any of these colors; black, green, ocean, orchid, spice, cinnamon, and purple.

Live Caption

This feature will come in handy for deaf and hard-of-hearing persons. With this feature, this set of persons will easily understand what is being said on video, game, or any form of media where words are being spoken. This feature provides a live caption for these media contents with words and it happens locally on your device, therefore, no internet connection is needed. You can turn this option on via the accessibility settings in android 10.

Devices Permissions

This android version has a new improved permissions feature. This new feature gives users a better understanding of how and what apps on your device has access to. For example, apps that ask for your location now reveal pop-ups asking if you want to grant access all the time or only when it is being used or not at all.

Improved Share Menu

Normally the share feature on android devices hasn’t always lived up to expectations but with this new android version, what seems to be a problem is no longer a problem as it has been addressed. There is a feature called the sharing shortcuts. With this feature, the share menu problems on Andriod versions have been addressed.

These are some of the notable features of this android version; other features include support for foldable phones. This means that users with foldable phones can now have access to android 10 on their devices.

Devices Compactible With Android 10

As it is just being released to the general public, android 10 is not yet available to all users. If you are not using a Google pixel device you have to wait a bit longer for Original Equipment Manufacturers to extend android 10 for their devices. If you know you can’t wait to get your hands on this software, then you better get yourself a Google pixel device today.

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