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Animal Science according to Wikipedia, it is described as studying the biology of animals that are beneath the control of humankind. It’s also seen as the production and management of farm animals. Initially the degree was called animal husbandry and the animals studied were livestock species like horses, sheep, pigs, poultry and cattle.

Animal Science - Animal Science Degree Online | Animal Science Careers

However, today courses available now look at a far broader area to add companion animals like cats, dogs etc. Degrees in Animal Science are offered at some colleges and universities. The curriculum provides a strong science background and hands on experience working with animals on campus based farm.

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Animal Science

AS is concerned with the science and business of producing domestic livestock. Workers under this department applies principles of the biological, social sciences to the problems concerning the livestock production and management. It also deals with foods of animal origin: meat eggs and dairy foods.

Moreover, AS deals with aspects of companion animals, such as care, nutrition and welfare.

So, if you’re interested in efficient production of food animals for recreation, maintenance of animal health and well-being or leisure purposes, then getting a career in any of the fields is best for you.

Getting a professional training in AS can prepare you for challenging career opportunities in areas like disease control, breeding, animal production, health maintenance, marketing etc.

Animal Science Jobs/Career

Workers of on this department must have formal training and experience to learn and apply the principles involved in animal production, care and use. Having knowledge of basic subjects like genetics, animal behavior and management, microbiology, phycology, reproduction, nutrition and meat science is important for people going into most animal sciences professions

People who have B.S degree with a major in animal science are eligible for wide variety of challenging careers. However, there are more than 500 different job classifications for animal science graduates. Graduates find jobs in the following field

  • Academic teaching and research.
  • Laboratory research programs with governmental and international agencies.
  • Industrial research in the food and feed industries.
  • Private corporations.
  • Industrial or institutional management positions requiring a high level of scientific training.

While in government positions graduates can also help in drafting regulations that governs the agriculture industry or work directly in research.

List Of Animal Science Career Available

There are rewarding career opportunities available in education, research, government etc. depending on the program of study you choose.

  • Extension educators.
  • Government agencies.
  • Allied animal industries.
  • Food processors, meat packers and related industries.
  • Breeding and livestock marketing organizations.
  • Livestock breeders and feedlot operators.
  • State and national organizations.
  • Writers and communicators.
  • Vocational agriculture educators.

Check out AS courses in the section under Animal Science Courses

AS courses are as follows:

  • Laboratory.
  • Equine care and management
  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal Breeding


It teaches about the basics of providing care to lab animals. Students also learn how to provide safe housing care and food for animals.

Equine Care and management

Students examine equine anatomy and physiology including common disorders and diseases that affect horses.

Animal Nutrition

The nutrition courses covers digestion, metabolism and the absorption of food nutrients. Students learns to how to create nutritional plans for animals or study the composition of their feed.

Animal Breeding

The breeding courses provide an overview on the selection and mating of farm and ranch animals. It covers courses like gene frequency, crossbreeding, inbreeding, fertility, heritability etc.

Branches of this Department

Looking for the branches? The list below are branches or courses in animal science

  • Business & communication.
  • Companion animal science.
  • Meat science.
  • Animal biology & biotechnology.
  • Food animal production & management.
  • Veterinary animal science.
  • Equine Science.

These are the branches of AS. You can now choose the one you want.

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