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If you are familiar with popular play stores like the Apple app store, Google play store, then you should have heard of the Amazon App Store. The amazon app store is somewhat no different from the functions of the other app stores you have heard of or probably used. 

App Store Amazon

App Store Amazon

Like other play stores, you can download games and apps for your device with the app store. The Amazon App Store is a great alternative to the google play store. Now some of you might be wondering why I said this. Well here are some reasons to look into.

  • It has a better description and more in-depth comments.
  • Additionally, there are free premium apps of the day. This feature is considered one of the most favorite things about the app store.
  • There is also the ability to test drive apps before you buy/download them to your device. When you test drive the app and you don’t like it, you can simply skip it and look for another app to download. With this method, you are saving your money and your data bundle.

There are several other more benefits you stand to enjoy using the Amazon App Store.

Amazon App Store Download

Downloading the Amazon app store could be really difficult. One of the reasons is that you are likely not going to find it on other app stores. You can follow the guidelines below to download the app Store to your device.

  • Go to the Amazon official website at
  • Now login to your Amazon account.
  • Open in a new tab the URL here.
  • Tap on the “continue” button on the “get this app” section.
  • Enter your phone number or email address on the box provided and hit on the “send” button.

Now check your inbox on your email or phone number depending on the one you used and tap on the download link. Select your download folder and tap on the “save” button.


The app store is an online app store that is used in purchasing and downloading software applications. As discussed before, this app store is no different from other app stores. The only difference is that it is owned by Amazon.

Since it is owned by Amazon, it has special features added to it by amazon. I believe we talked about some of the features above. If you can’t remember, then read again the first paragraph. I hope all that was discussed was understood. If otherwise, leave your comment in the comment box.


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