Did Apple and Google Really Remove Palestine from Maps?


Did Apple and Google Really Remove Palestine from Maps? This has become one common question on the web. Well, the Palestinians have criticized Apple and Google for removing Palestine from the maps on these tech giants. There was also an accusation that both companies are taking sides with Israel.

Did Apple and Google Really Remove Palestine from Maps?

According to Gulf News, the official Palestinian News Agency (WFA) made a report that Twitter users set up a campaign again the Apple and Google tech giants. The campaign went with the hashtag #FreePalestine, for neglecting the historical facts of Palestine.

Did Apple and Google Really Remove Palestine from Maps

Furthermore on the arising question “Did Apple and Google Really Remove Palestine from Maps?” There are other attached to this trending issue. Following this, the Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Riyad Al Maliki, stated that he sent an official message to the management of both tech giants, as a protest against the removal of the map of Palestine. This also included the accusation of both companies submitting to the blackmail and the pressure of Israel.

Still from Gulf News, Riyad Al Maliki also stated in the Palestinian radio that “delisting the name of the state of Palestine in the maps of Google and Apple constitutes a violation of international law and subject to the Israeli blackmail and pressure. And in the event that they do not retract, we will resort to filing lawsuit against them”.

He also added that activities are being carried out, in order to determine the legal body that will be approached, in order to file a case against both tech giants. He also stated that it will be so easy to try the officials of both tech giants, in cases where they violate international law.

No Trace of Palestine

Apple and Google are under the accusation of taking down Palestine from their online maps. If you search for Palestine on Google Maps and Apple Maps, it shows a result for the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But there are no traces of Palestine. The claim of the Palestine removal came up from a viral Instagram post. Which accused these tech giants of officially removing the state of Palestine from their online maps.

However, an update was added to the post, which stated that it contains “false information”. But, posts and articles on social platforms have spread these claims together. With supporters of the Palestine cause laying an accusation to the tech firms.

Is There Any Possibility of Adopting Another Search Engine?

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Isaac Sidr, stated that the ministry is in search of an alternative search engine. Such as one from Chinese or Russian. This will serve as a response to the delete of Palestine from Google and Apple Maps.


The Minister also stated that the action taken by both American search engines reflects the bias of the Israeli Occupation. In his statement, the ministry will be taking steps to deal with this issue. This includes pressuring both companies using servers and services from some Palestinian companies.


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