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Flying is an exciting adventure for everyone mostly children, and that is why Avelo Airlines is here to make it as smooth as possible. Are excited to fly locally on a budget with Avelo Airlines? There are so many airlines to select from, that it will be very hard for you to decide. Read on the Avelo Airlines Review, a dynamic airline ready to take you wherever you want.

Avelo Airlines Review

Avelo Airlines took its first flight in 2021, Avelo Airlines flies out of smaller airports so you can save time and money. Having the target of inspiring travel, their purpose is to provide customers with affordable, low-cost fares on their flights.

Presently, Avelo serves nearly 30 destinations across the U.S. from their bases at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Burbank Airport, southern Connecticut’s Tweed-New Haven Airport and Orlando International Airport. That means more opportunities for you to connect with your family or loved ones.

Avelo Airlines Review

Andrew levy brings here decades of cop and entrepreneurial experience in the aviation and telecommunications sectors to America’s newest airline in nearly 15 years.

Over the course of their career, Andrew has led profitable airlines from startup to scale. Prior to its launching Avelo in 2021, he was a co-founder and president at allegiant Air – one of the world’s most successful airlines, and CFO at United Airlines.

He is also a board member of Copa Latin America’s leading airline a position he has been holding since 2016. Andrew started his aviation career at ValuJet Airlines.

Baggage restrictions of Liability

Here are some of the stated Avelo baggage restrictions of liability we need to know about:

  • General: For all domestic flights, Avelo’s liability, if any for loss, damage or delay in delivery of checked bags or their contents, apart from mobility aids wheelchairs and aids, and assistive devices that are used by qualified individuals with a disability, is limited to be proven amount of damage or loss.
  • Baggage Delivery: Avelo will be the one to pay for the delivery charges to return a delayed bag to a customer online so long as such checked Bags was tendered to Avelo by the customer at least 40 minutes prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time.
  • Personal property carried on Board Aircraft: Avelo assumes no responsibility and is not liable for loss of personal property carried on board an aircraft.
  • High-value items Unsuitable for checked Baggage.
  • Normal wear and Defects: Avelo is not liable for loss or damage that comes from normal wear and tear such as cuts, scratches punctures, marks and dirt on checked bags.

Customer’s reservation and attempt to locate and return the bag as soon as possible will be documented by Avelo. If the stuff or item has not been found after five days, Avelo will start reimbursement processes.

Unsuitable Baggage Subject to Limited Release of Liability

Avelo may, (it on probability) accepts Baggage unsuitable for Carriage as Checked Baggage. Here are some of the subjects that are a limited release of liability;

  • Inadequately packed or over-packed items for which Avelo is not liable for damage or loss of contents.
  • Fragile and unsuitably packed items for which Avelo is not liable for damage or loss of contents.
  • Voluntary separation for which Avelo is not liable for delay.
  • Perishable items for which Avelo is not liable for spoilage, damage or delay.
  • Previously damaged item for which Avelo is not liable for damage or loss of contents.
  • Late-tendered Baggage for which Avelo is not liable for delay.
  • Items where specific requirements under this section are not met for which Avel is not liable for loss, damage, or delay.

Above are some of the unsuitable baggage subject to the limited release of liability we need to be aware of.

Avelo Airlines Cancellation Policy 

While the Avelo hope you can make your flight, they also understand that sometimes anything can happen, that’s life. With Avelo, you can terminate your flight up to 15 minutes before the fixed time for you to depart. All cancelled reservations receive Avelo Travel funds that can be redeemed for future Avelo flights.

You should have in mind that any cancellations through Avelo’s Customer support will incur a fee. Reservation cancelled within 24 hours or purchasing and within seven days of the scheduled departure may be refunded to the main purchasing method, but must be done through the customer service centre.

Avelo Flight Status

Since Avelo files into a smaller number of airports than airlines, checking flight status can be done via departure airport or flight number. Kindly follow the instructions in the next section to check your flight status.

How to check the Avelo Flight Status

Here are the provided steps to check the Avelo Flight Status;

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Navigate to your web browser and search for www.aveloair.com/flight-status.
  • Provide the following information in their appropriate fields.
  • Select the by Airport section.
  • Departing
  • Arriving
  • Today
  • Then click on the “By Flight Section
  • Fill in the Flight number and today’s text form.
  • Click on the “See Flight Status” button.

Following the above instructions carefully you will easily check the Avelo Flight Status.

Avelo Airlines Customer Service

If maybe in case you have any issues, it is advisable you contact Avelo Airlines Customer Service. Follow the guidelines below to access the Avelo Airlines Customer Service web page;

Accessing their web page, you can let them know how they can help you either by calling them or mailing them.


Is Avelo Air a good Airline?

Is Avelo Airlines worth it? if you can conveniently out of one airport Avelo serves or are looking to travel to one of their destinations, Avelo is certainly worth exploring. You’ll save time at the smaller airports, and the smaller airports and the fares are budget-friendly.

What kind of plane does Avelo fly?

In regards to the fleet, the carrier currently operates six all-economy Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) aircraft with the – 800 model on the west coast and the -700 model on the east Coast.

Why is Avelo Airlines so cheap?

Breeze has commanded more attention with a large route map and fleet. But Avelo is pursuing interesting passenger-friendly strategies of its own, like focusing on underused airports to make fares cheaper and offering perks like inexpensive bag-check fees.


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