Azure Cloud Services Benefits: Advantages of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services


Azure Cloud Services is a computing service offered by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services, via a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. In this post, I will be guiding you through the benefits of making use of the Azure cloud services.

Azure Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Services Benefits

Announced in October 2008, Azure Cloud Services, began with the codename “Project Red Dog”, and was released on February 1, 2010, as “Windows Azure” before it was renamed “Microsoft Azure” in March 25, 2014. Azure Cloud Services, is a technology, designed to turn your ideas into solutions faster, using a trusted cloud that is created with you in mind.

Benefits of Azure Cloud Services

Below are some of the benefits of making use of Azure cloud services.

  • Helps you deploy, and scale powerful web applications
  • It is a technology, designed to support applications that are scalable, reliable, and inexpensive to manage
  • It is designed, with more than 100 services, with great end-to-end tools to make you successful
  • User’s, can develop, and deploy, where they want, as they use the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market
  • Use this technology, to create intelligent apps using powerful data and AI services
  • Azure Cloud Services, is a trusted technology, with startups, governments, and 90% of Fortune 500 businesses who run on its services.

These are some of the benefits of using the Azure cloud services. So what are you waiting for, hurry now and sign up with the Azure cloud services.

Azure Cloud Services Sign Up

Sign Up Benefits

Once you sign up on Azure Cloud Services, you get in on the following benefits;

  • Make use of Azure Virtual Machines, Managed Disks, and SQL databases at the same time offering high availability and network performance with Load Balancer
  • Utilize it, to create custom mobile experiences
  • Gain insights, from your data, as you make better decisions, and create finer experiences using Machine Learning, Data Lake Analytics, and HDInsight

To sign up on Azure Cloud Services;

  • Scroll to
  • Once the webpage opens, tap on the green “Start free” tab
  • Tap on another “Start free” tab
  • In case you already have an account with Microsoft, a prompt will be sent to you, to log in
  • Once you log in, you may find that some of your details are already there
  • Next, go thru with the prompts, to verify your account by phone
  • Provide a valid credit card (normal credit or debit card) prepaid cards won’t work.
  • Thereafter, tick on the “I agree” tab
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” link
  • Give it a few seconds, and your account will be ready

There!!! You have your account, all created, and ready to run. Have fun using Azure Cloud Services the cloud for all, more than any cloud provider.


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