Best Gaming Mouse you Can Buy Right Now

In this blog post, you will discover the best gaming mouse you can buy right now. However, it’s important to note that even the best gaming mouse won’t make you unbeatable.

If you are a PC gamer, having a good mouse can significantly enhance your control over the cursor while also providing additional customizable buttons, making your gaming experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Best Gaming Mouse You Can Buy Right Now

But it can certainly offer faster response times and extra inputs for a more responsive and enjoyable experience. Best Gaming Mouse You Can Buy Right Now

What to Look for in a Gaming Mouse

Here is some general advice to consider when buying a gaming mouse:

  • Wired or wireless
  • Comfort and grip types
  • Build quality and design
  • Sensors and performance
  • Software and onboard memory
  • Warranty and customer support
  • Weight
  • Switches, buttons, and scroll wheel

The Best Gaming Mouse of 2023

Below, you can find the full details of the best gaming mouse selected, including wireless and wired options:

Best for Most: Razer Basilisk V3 Pro

The Basilisk V3 offers really good performance, a comfortable shape, and a versatile scroll wheel at an affordable price.

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They offer the most complete blend of price, performance, build quality, and wide-ranging comfort. It caters to a variety of games and play styles with its slew of features.

When it comes to programmable buttons, RGB lighting, and on-board profiles, it’s one of the most capable mice that have been tested.

Best Premium: Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro

The DeathAdder V3 Pro is known to be ultralight, and it is a quick-responsive mouse that plays great in games.

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If money were nothing, the best gaming mouse that was tested is the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro.  Its superlight (63g) wireless design and top-notch sensor make it quick to respond. Its two side buttons are easy to reach, and its body doesn’t crack.

The scroll wheel is soft and quiet, while the major buttons are convenient but not overly sensitive. It also uses optical switches.

Best budget: Logitech G203 Lightsync

The G203 offers a sturdy design and consistent performance for less than $40.

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If you’re in search of an affordable gaming mouse that doesn’t compromise on performance, then the Logitech G203 Lightsync is worth considering. However, do note that its design may not be suitable for palm grippers with larger hands as it is relatively small and flat.

Additionally, the scrolling wheel may feel slightly mushy. The mouse features two customizable buttons on the right side along with a DPI cycle button on top, but it is designed for two-handed use.

Best for MMOs: Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite

The Scimitar RGB Elite’s comfortable shape and 12 programmable side buttons make it easier to navigate complex MMO games.

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If you need a mouse that is well-designed for MMO and MOBA games, then you should get the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite. It does the most important work any MMO mouse can do, which allows users to access various in-game actions with minimal effort.

Well, thanks to its 12 programmable side buttons, all of which deliver a comfortable, firm, but not stiff sensation when pressed. Both of the panel’s four-button rows are textured, which makes them easier to distinguish without having to look down.

Best for FPS: Glorious Mode O 2

The Model O 2 is an incredibly light gaming mouse that enables you to make quick movements with just a little resistance.

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When it comes to FPS (first-person shooters), the type of gaming mouse that suits you best depends on your play style.

Generally, ultralight options are preferred due to their low resistance, which makes it easier to make fast movements. Out of all the gaming mice that were tested, the Glorious Model O 2 was found to be the best option.

Best Wireless Gaming Overall: Roccat Kone XP Air

Roccat’s Kone XP Air is still as excellent as its wired variant, but in going wireless, it nearly doubles in price without adding other major features. it has tons of buttons, Nvidia reflex support, and RGB lighting that looks great.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DPI in a gaming mouse?

DPI is a measure of mouse sensitivity and stands for “dots per inch.” Literally, the number translates to how many pixels your cursor travels, corresponding to the inches your mouse moves on your mouse pad. The higher your DPI, the more sensitive your mouse feels.

What is the fastest gaming mouse?

You can attain the next level of absolute control with the Razer Viper 8k HZ, an ambidextrous esports gaming mouse with a true 8000 Hz polling rate for the fastest speed and lowest latency ever achieved.

How do I choose a gaming mouse?

Choosing the right gaming mouse requires considering factors such as connection type, size and weight, grip style, and ergonomics.

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