Best Music Streaming Service – What is the Best Music Streaming Service 2020 | Music Streaming Service


Best music Streaming Service? Searching for the perfect music streaming service? Some music streaming platforms offers access to millions of songs for a  monthly subscription fee while some gives you access to thousands of music for free.

Best Music Streaming Service - What is the Best Music Streaming Service 2020 | Music Streaming Service

Listening to music has come a long way over the past years. Nowadays you don’t need to only buy CDs, vinyl records or cassette before you can listen to music. You can simply register to a music streaming service and gain access to all the music you’ll ever need on your device.

However, there are several platforms to get musical content online with a little different, which makes it very difficult for people to locate the best service for them.

This write-up will be unveiling different music streaming platforms, stating it’s features, so you can select the best for you. Endeavor to read to the end.

Best Music Streaming Service

There are few things you need to consider if you’re searching for a streaming service to get. For beginners you would want to ensure that there’s an app for the streaming service you chose for your device.

Thus, you will also want to consider things its streaming audio quality and support for platforms like digital assistants.

The best streaming platform provides appealing features, such as high quality uncompressed files, expensive libraries etc.

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Best Music Streaming Service Free

There are also streaming service that offers free services with niche features that  could be great for music listening.

There are some platforms that allows you to sample their paid options with a free trial.

Here are the free music streaming service:

YouTube music- the platform has a free version that works a little different from other services. With this platform, even if you’re listening in a web browser or on the app, you can stream any song you want. Some other platforms restrict you to playlists or radio style stations.

You can upload up to 100,000 of your own audio files to stream from the cloud, which is a better option if you have a collection of music you can’t find on streaming service.

Cons; if you’re listening to music and you want to switch over to another app or lock your phone screen, the music stops. Which means you can’t chat, check email or do any other thing with your phone while listening to songs.

Spotify: Spotify offers a free tier, which some other streaming platforms lacks. It has both the free ay paid tiers. The difference between the two is that, the free tiers shows ads, and you can’t pick individuals tracks on the phone app. Free users are limited to a lower audio quality level and they can’t download tracks to listen to offline.

Idagio: Idagio song platform is best for classical music fans and people who wants to go deeper into the genre.

Pandora: Pandora is best for people who want a rad station style listening experience, a who also want to discover new songs and artists. It has a paid version that allows users listen to songs on demand, but it still offers a free version. If you want to listen to a particular song, you will need to watch ads.

Best Music Streaming Service 2020

List of the best streaming platform:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Tidal
  • Amazon Music Unlimited
  • YouTube Music

Spotify: Spotify  is the best overall. It has millions of music and audio content. Thus, it’s available on a range of products, thereby making it a great choice for those who listens to music on different devices. This means that the platform has a wide range of content and also compactible with all your devices.

However, it lets you try out the platform without having to subscribe . It provides you with a free ad based version.

Moreover, the ad-free version of Spotify begins at $$9.99 each month for a month. It also has a duo plan that supports two accounts for $12.99 month, and a family plan.

Apple Music: This is best for Apple fans. This service works perfectly on Apple devices. So, if you’re using any apple product, you can consider getting Apple music.

The service integrates perfectly on Apple’s hardware and software, it also works with your existing iTunes music library.

Apple Music does not offer a free version with ads, which means you must definitely subscribe to enjoy the service.

Tidal: Tidal is good for audiophiles. It’s available on a range of platforms, and offers great audio quality.

However, the service is targeted towards people who want a higher resolution audio experience, it thereby provides excellent sound system.

There’s no free version for people who don’t mind an ad-supported service. With this service you’re sure of getting excellent audio quality, exclusive content.

Amazon Music Unlimited: it runs on range of platforms, a it integrates greatly with Alexa and offers discounts for prime subscribers or Echo owners. It is available on iOS, Android and Web. Fresh members can get a free 30 days trial of musical unlimited.

YouTube Music: This service is best for Android users. It has a decent let library of music, a works very well with Google’s other apps and services. The song platform is not only available for Android alone, but also available on iOS, and Web. The platform offers a free, ad supported version you can checkout first. It does not integrate with Alexa.

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