Bing Maps vs Google Maps: A Direct Comparison Between The Bing Maps VS Google Maps


Hello there, here is a review on Bing maps vs Google maps. If you don’t know of Bing maps or how these two perform when compared, then I think that this article is for you. In this article, readers will get to know the key differences between these two, how they are rated.

In order to get a full understanding of the whole debacle, I have to explain these two mapping APIs separately, then later compare them. Some of us already know of these mapping tools already, but for the benefit of those who know nothing about them, I will be writing on them for review purposes.

Bing Maps vs Google Maps

Bing Maps vs Google Maps

Digital maps are now very rampant in our environment today. Everyone is now making use of them because they seem to make things easier and better. With these digital maps, there is no place that is out of reach. There are so many mapping tools in the world today, but I will be writing exclusively on Bing maps and Google maps hence the title “Bing maps vs. Google maps”.

When it comes to a destination no matter the place, the first mapping platform that comes to our mind is the Google maps platform. This is no surprise as Google maps is one of the very best if not the best when it comes to digital mapping. Google map is more like a household name these days. Everyone has made use of it at one point in time.

Even those who have not made use of it are considering the prospect of making use of it in the future. But come to think of it wouldn’t it be just great to have other alternatives when it comes to digital mapping. I think it would be really cool to have alternatives. Just as I have mentioned earlier, there are numerous digital mapping platforms in the world today. The Bing map is Microsoft’s own mapping platform or you can say Microsoft’s own Google map. The Bing maps works in a similar way as Google maps.

Bing Maps

So many readers of this content right now are just hearing of Bing maps for the first time. If this is true, you have nothing to worry about. I will be telling you all you need to know about the Bing maps ina short while. “Bing maps” is not a new platform. In fact, this mapping platform has been around for some time now. To be precise, it has been around since 2005 but not as Bing maps. The platform has witnessed a lot of changes over the years since its inception. It was originally a product continuation of Microsoft MapPoint.

The platform offers a birds-eye view satellite imaging and direction services. It is partially powered by HERE. Some of the previously known names of the Bing maps are live search maps, windows live maps and windows live local. With this mapping tool, you can map multiple locations, view live traffic conditions, plan trips, get transit, driving, and walking directions, satellite, Ariel, and street side imagery.

Bing Maps App

Is there a mobile app for Bing maps? No, there is no stand-alone app for mobile devices for this platform. If there is no mobile app for Bing maps, then how do you make use of it? This is one of the frequently asked questions about this platform immediately users learn of the app issue. This mapping tool is actually a great one. Therefore it’s kind of a shame that there is no known mobile app for it. It is however available for windows phone 8 users.

“Bing maps” is instead part of the larger Bing app. This means that for you to be able to make use of Bing map on your mobile device you need to have the general Bing app installed on your device. From this place, you can now get access to the Bing mapping tool. This is where I think the Bing mapping has failed. In terms of mobile experience, I think Bing has definitely bottled the whole thing.

Google Maps

Just like Bing maps, Google maps has also been around since 2005. Do I call this a coincidence or what? I mean the top two digital mapping platforms being launched in the same year and period. This is the best mapping platform in the world today. I don’t think there is anyone who does not know about Google maps.

This mapping tool use to rely on topologically integrated geographic encoding and referencing (TIGER) data from the U.S. census bureau. It now collates data from other sources including tele atlas and MAPIT. With Google, maps movement becomes easier and freer.  There are over 220 countries mapped on this platform.

There are also tons of businesses and places on the map. This mapping tool is not just called the best in the world for no reason. With this tool, you get to your destination faster with real-time updates. You also discover places and also explore these places like a local. This tool can also be used offline. There is a street view and indoor maps, with this mapping tool. It’s just crazy when you think of all the features of this mapping tool.

Google Maps App

This tool cannot only be accessed via the web platform on desktop devices. This mapping tool has a standalone Android and iOS app. With this app, you can get access to all Google maps have to offer. This app is ready for download and installment on your device. Normally the Google maps app comes pre-installed on your mobile device.

Just in case you do no find this app pre-installed on your device, you have nothing to worry about. You can get this mobile app from your devices app store. Om android devices, the Google map app can be downloaded for the Google play store. On iOS devices, this app can be downloaded from the apple play store.


There is no much difference between these two mapping tools, but there is a thing or two about these platforms that actually put them apart and they are notable. Everyone knows of Google maps, but have you ever thought of the reason why you are just hearing of Bing maps for the first time? “Bing maps” is great, to be frank.

There are some features of Bing maps that actually beat Google maps although “Google maps” is crushing the competition. There are some users who have actually switched from making use of Google Maps to Bing maps. Bing maps birds eye satellite imagery feature is a “go”.

It’s way better than what Google maps has in store. Personally, I think the only issue with the Bing maps is the inadequate mobile experience. We all know that the mobile version of apps is most useful to mobile users. With this, I think it will be particularly hard for anyone to choose Bing as his or her mobile mapping tool option. While google map offers the best mobile experience available such as features like the turn by turn directions and recalculation when you miss a turn, Bing does nothing or should I say the exact opposite.

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