Blaze Credit Card Reviews – How to Apply for Blaze Credit Card


This article is based on Blaze credit card reviews. what do you really know about blaze credit card or what it is used for? The way I came about this blaze credit card was when I was looking forward to getting a credit card but I do not know what credit card to use. So, I went researching on the internet just like the way every other person does. So, I found credit cards and I came across the blaze credit card. The blaze credit card is convenient and it is also easy to use when making your everyday purchases, shopping online, or dining out.

Blaze Credit Card Reviews - How to Apply for Blaze Credit Card

Fees and Rate of Blaze Credit Card

Let look at the fees and rates of the blaze credit card in the article below.

  • Blaze credit card annual fee is $75.
  • The charge for APR is 29.9% for purchase and it is fixed.
  • APR charge does not have a penalty.
  • The APR charge is 29.9 for a cash advance and it is fixed.
  • The payment for a late fee is up to $25.
  • Blaze credit card returned payment is $25.
  • Blaze credit card Cash advance transaction fee is 2% for each advance.

These are the fees and rates for the blaze credit card.

Offers an Overview of Blaze Credit Card

In blaze credit card, they are offering that you can benefit from while using the blaze credit card. I am going to list them out here.

  • You can have up to $1, 500 credit limits, initially, while other users can get a credit limit of $350 and some others get the one that higher than that.
  • The security deposit is not a requirement.
  • You can easily get your credit line increased by maintaining your account in a good standard by making your payments earlier, I period of 6 months.
  • Stick to your account by checking the text and email notifications.
  • You can access your account anytime anywhere easily through the help of a free mob app.

These are the offers overview that you can get for using the blaze credit card.

How to Apply for Blaze Credit Card

After all the interesting things about this credit card, you still need to apply for a blaze credit card by creating an account with them. Follow the step below to create an account on a blaze credit card.

  • Open your web browser on your device and visit
  • Go down and click on the apply now link.
  • You will be taken to a new page and tap apply now button.
  • Then you will be taken to the sign-up page, where you can have to provide your personal details, mailing address, additional information, and financial details on the following sections.
  • Then click on the preview application after providing the necessary information’s to complete the application process.

Follow this step to create your blaze credit card online and please do not jump any section on the apply page because you will not be able to apply if you do.


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