Broken Link: Possible Causes And How to Get Through Broken Links


What is a broken link? Over the years the internet has grown very popular among people. The reason for this is that you can now find anything you want on the internet. You can also be whatever you want on the internet. The introduction of the internet has been a revelation. People no longer have to leave their homes before they get things done.

Everything they want to do can now be done on the internet with just one click and in the process saving time and resources. This is really great just in case you are having doubts about it. If you should ever be in doubt about a thing it is, therefore, advisable that you check it up on the internet.

Broken Link

Broken Link

Come to think of it, how would you feel when you search for something on the internet or when you want to visit a website online but couldn’t? Still haven’t gotten a grasp of what I am saying, here it is. Have you ever taped or clicked on a link on the internet and getting an error message instead? If it has happened to you, how did you feel?

You might be wondering about the importance or relationship between these insinuations and the topic above I will be telling what it is in a few. Whenever you come across a message like this on the internet, you should know that it has everything to do with a broken link.

What Is A Broken Link?

A broken link can also be referred to as a broken link. This is a link on a web page that no longer works. It can also be referred to as a link that is leading to a non-existent or empty website. Whenever you click or tap on a broken link instead of getting the information you are looking for you get an error message.

Reasons for Broken Links

By now you should already know what a broken link is. But here is something you should also know about broken links. A broken link is not always a link leading to a non-existence or empty website. There a host of reasons why a link can be referred to as broken. Below are some of the reasons for broken links;

  • It might be that the destination website page has permanently moved or it no longer exists.
  • It might be that you entered an improper URL for the link of the website.
  • The website you are trying to reach has removed the linked web page.
  • The user or visitor has software that is behind a firewall that blocks access to the destination website.
  • The owner of the website you are trying to reach might have linked to a site that is behind a firewall that does not allow access.

The reasons above are the notable reasons why a webpage or site has broken links.

How to Get Through Broken Links

Now that you know what broken links are and the possible causes of broken links, do you know how to get round about it? Broken links have always proved to be problematic. It makes users not get access to the information they are looking for. Fortunately for you, there is a way for you to still view web pages and get the desired knowledge you are looking for.

To view the same web page, copy the link and search for the link on the internet archive ( These broken links paint a bad impression of a site on the visitors. This is a problem that web developers should tackle almost immediately. As a visitor it is almost impossible to get through broken links, you can instead look for similar websites and get the desired information you are looking for.

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