Buy and Sell Nike Plus Fuelband on Facebook Marketplace

Do you know that you can buy and sell Nike Plus Fuelband on Facebook Marketplace? Not aware of that? Well, luckily for you, this article will be covering the steps to follow. Nike Plus FuelBand is a popular fitness tracker that allows you to monitor your daily activity and track your fitness goals.

Buy and Sell Nike Plus Fuelband on Facebook Marketplace

Whether you’re looking to buy a Nike Plus FuelBand or sell your own, Facebook Marketplace provides a convenient platform to connect with potential buyers or sellers in your local area. Keep reading to find out how the process is done.

Steps To Buy Nike Plus Fuelband on Facebook Marketplace

Follow the steps below to buy Nike Plus Fuelband on the marketplace;

  • The first and most important step is to research and determine your requirements
  • Log into your account and access the marketplace.
  • You can utilize filters and search options
  • Make sure to go through the product details and thoroughly inspect other listings.
  • Once you’re satisfied with a product, you have to communicate with the seller
  • Next, arrange for a meeting or shipping
  • Verify the product and complete the transaction

Follow these steps to buy the Nike Plus FuelBand on Facebook. However, keep in mind that, you must be signed into your account before you can access the platform.

How to Sell Nike Plus FuelBands on Facebook Marketplace 

If you have a Nike Plus FuelBand to sell, you can create your own listings on Facebook Marketplace. Provide clear and accurate descriptions, including details about the FuelBand’s model, size, color, condition, and any notable features. Take high-quality photos that showcase the FuelBand attractively. Be responsive to potential buyers’ inquiries and negotiate prices if needed. Follow safe and secure transaction practices, such as meeting in public places and using trusted payment methods.


Facebook Marketplace offers a convenient platform for buying and selling Nike Plus FuelBands. By conducting thorough research, utilizing search filters, communicating effectively with sellers, and exercising caution during transactions, you can find the perfect fitness tracker or successfully sell your Nike Plus FuelBands. With the instructions given above, you can sell the products and also buy the ones you want. Don’t hesitate to use the comment section if you have a question to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Items Cannot be Sold on Facebook Marketplace?

You can sell almost anything on the marketplace, but anything that isn’t a physical item is prohibited.

How do I buy and resell on Facebook Marketplace?

If you already have an active account on the social media platform, you can buy and resell as many products as you want.

What Sells Easily on Marketplace?

There is a lot you can easily sell on the platform, and below is a list of some of the top products to sell on the marketplace.

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories.
  • Home Furnishing.
  • Pet Supplies.
  • Kids Stuff.
  • Handmade Items.
  • Electronic Goods.
  • Gardening Item
  • Homeware & Home Decor

Can You Sell on Marketplace Without Paying?

Absolutely!! Selling on the Facebook marketplace doesn’t require any amount of money. It is completely free to buy and sell. All you need is an account to be able to access the platform.

What is the Best Payment Method for Facebook Marketplace?

A top option is PayPal.

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