Buzz Credit Card Application Status: How to Check Axis Buzz Credit Card Application Status


Buzz credit card Application Status is the process that an applicant seeks to know his/her credit card application status. Buzz Credit Card is a bank credit card, issued by Axis Bank. It is a credit card that can be used for online shopping. The Buzz Credit Card offers exclusive discounts on complimentary Flipkart and extra rewards points on all your online transactions. You can receive up to Rs. 8,000 Flipkart Vouchers. Also, with your Buzz MasterCard, you can get rewards points. You can change your purchases to EMI through a variety of options.

Buzz Credit Card Application Status

Buzz Credit Card Application Status

The Buzz Credit Card Application Status can be check in various ways. You can check the credit card status via online, offline, through Application ID. Also by using a Mobile number and Pan and through email.

Buzz Credit Card Application Status Online

Applicants can check Buzz credit card online in two ways. The first one is by using your Application Reference Number (App ID). The second way is via Pan card number and mobile number. Let’s see how to use the two ways in detail;

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Buzz Credit Card Application Status using Application Pan and Mobile Number

When you’re ready, the process of getting your Buzz credit card delays after applying for the card. You have not received an application number or you mistakenly deleted the SMS having the number. Then you still see your application status use this method.

  • Visit to issuing bank website “Axis Bank credit card – Track your application” page at copy and paste the link in a search tab of your browser.
  • Click on the “Pan No/Mobile No” option
  • Next, key in your PAN Number and Mobile number in the different columns. Let the numbers be the same as the one in the application form.
  • Then, Click on the “Submit” button.

The next page will load to display your application status in few seconds. Next, enter the information you have that matches the records. If you enter any information wrongly it will show ‘No’ records found’. Then, you will need to re-enter the details and check it again. When the status displayed again, you will have to wait for the bank to update the information.

Buzz Credit Card Application Status using Application ID

Using application ID to check your Buzz Credit Card application status is another way to your status. The application ID is a 9-digits number (if you applied by a physical application form). Or 20-digits number (if you applied online) given by the bank when you were applying for the credit card. The Bank will send the number via SMS or email to your registered contact information. Immediately you received the number use these steps below to track your application status;

Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status will be displayed on the screen.

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Buzz Credit Card Application Status Result

Some other status may be like on-hold, in-progress, approved, dispatched, or dejected. Your application status will display like this;

  • You will get “in-progress’ status, this means that your application is still processing. Meaning it will soon be approved and your credit card dispatch.
  • An ‘Approved’ status means that your application has been approved and your credit card will soon be dispatch.
  • Immediately your credit card is done and dispatched to your address, the application status will show ‘dispatched’. When the card is dispatched, you will receive an SMS with the shipment details and the date of your delivery. All you need do is to be available at the place of delivery has the credit card will be handed over to you.
  • Other applications status like ‘on-hold’, Rejected or other negative outcome status may need to follow up with the bank. If your application is on hold, the bank will require some documents or clarifications from you. In such cases, you will receive a message or call from the bank.
  • The “Rejected” Status is simple as it indicated that your application has been disapproved. Maybe you did not meet some requirements or criteria.

In this case, too you will receive a message from the bank with or without specifying the reason. In this case, call the customer care to serve for further details on the rejection.

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 Buzz Credit Card Application Status Using E-Mail

Another way to check your Buzz Credit Card Application status is via email. You will need to send an email to the issuing bank Axis Bank. The bank has made available an online e-mail form on the website. Using it can raise a request letting you know your application status of the credit card. Here is how to use the email form;

  • Go to the online e-mail form at
  • Key in your online e-mail ID, the one you submitted while you applied for the credit card, applicant’s name, mobile number and application reference number in their respective fields.
  • On the message field, write your request to Axis Bank credit card application status. Mention your application reference number, PAN number and mobile number in the message. Do not allow your massages to be more than 1,000 words.
  • When you’re through with writing the massage, just click on the “Submit” button

You massage will be automatically be submitted to the bank. In will get a reply in few days after you have sent the mail.

Buzz Credit Card Application Status using Application Offline

When you are not around any Internet source or other online channel, you can make a call to the issuing bank. Put a call through to the Axis Bank credit card department. Or visit any of the Axis Bank branches nearest to you to know your application status. Go with your application ID.

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