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Chrome Webstore is Google’s online store for its Chrome web browser. The platform accommodates about 190,000 extensions and web apps. Chrome Webstore was unveiled publicly in December 2010, and was launched on February, 2011. It was launched with the Google chrome 9.0.

Chrome Webstore - Chrome Webstore Extensions | Chrome Webstore Mobile

Moreover, a year after the release it was redesigned to catalyze a big increase in traffic, across downloads, users so total number of apps. There were total installs of 750 million content hosted on Chrome Web Store (CWS) as of June 2012.

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However, there are some extension developers have sold their extensions to third parties who then incorporated adware. Google later removed two extensions from CWS after lots of users complained about unwanted pop-up ads. In the coming year the tech giant acknowledge that about 5% of visits to its own websites had been altered by extension with adware.

Chrome Webstore

Discover amazing games, apps, themes and extensions. CWS is an online Marketplace where users can search for Chrome integrated websites, chrome apps, themes and extension.

Nevertheless, the CWS allows you upload games and apps either paid or for free, thus where chrome users can easily find them. When a Chrome user creates a new window or tab, they will see the apps they’ve installed, along with a store icon that reminds them to discover more apps.

However, if you already have a web app, you can setup a metadata file and then publish your app in the store . Or you can create and publish an app that’s specialized for Chrome, such as an extension for Chrome or a web app that’s been modified to be downloaded and operates on the users computer.

Chrome Webstore Theme

Customize and personalize chrome on your desktop computer with themes. This theme for Chrome is free to download and comes with free lifetime

You can find the following themes:

  • Just black.
  • Rose.
  • Sea Foam.
  • Slate.
  • Black and white.
  • Oceanic.
  • Marsala.
  • Dark and Black Themes.
  • Space Exploration-Stars, galaxies, planets etc.
  • Minimalist themes.
  • Enchanting Places.
  • Superhero Sketches.
  • A Splash of color.
  • Into the Forest.
  • Pretty Patterns.
  • Cool Rides.
  • Something Blue- provides different shades of blue.
  • Let the sun shine.
  • Chrome in Full Bloom- add flowers to your browser.
  • Megalopolis.
  • Zodiac animals.
  • Cats of Chrome.
  • Beautiful H20- Rain, waves, lakes etc.
  • Doodles and Friends.
  • Mountain Gateway.
  • The Art Gallery themes for Foodie Sports Conner.

The above are some of the themes you will find on the CWS platform.

Chrome Webstore Games

Get thousands of online games to play in your browser. The games category includes arcade games, RPG games, Action games, sports games. Checkout the game list below

  • Free Rider.
  • Gorescript.
  • Star Legends: The Blackstar chronicle.
  • Funky Karts.
  • World Golf Tour.
  • Offline solitaire.
  • Pool Arena.
  • Boxel Rebound.
  • Kids Sight Words.

These are some of the CWS games, you can proceed to download.

Chrome Webstore Extensions

Customize chrome on your PC using extensions from the chrome web store. To install an extension, do the following

  • Launch the chrome Web Store.
  • On the homepage, find the extension you want.
  • Click on the extension.
  • Then, add to chrome.
  • It might need permissions or data, to approve the extension, click on Add extension. Note, ensure you approve extensions you trust.

These are procedure to install extensions from CWS.

Chrome Webstore Download

To download and install applications from the CWS, do the following

  • Visit chrome Webstore on your web browser.
  • Find the content you want to download, and click on
  • Tap on “Add to chrome” . If the content is a paid content, tap on “Buy”.

These are procedure to download applications from CWS.

Chrome Webstore Mobile

To download an app using your mobile phone to install free apps to your desktop, follow these steps.

  • Login to chrome, if you’re not logged in already
  • On the chrome window, search the web and find the content/app you want.
  • Click on “Add to Desktop”
  • In the pop up window, click on “Add to Desktop” widget.

Whenever you launch chrome on your PC you’ll see a notification that an app was installed remotely.

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