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Cloud Gaming Service sometimes called gaming on demand, is a type of online gaming that runs games on remote servers and streams them directly to a user’s device, or more colloquially, playing a game remotely from a cloud.

Cloud Gaming Service - Cloud Gaming Service Free

The Cloud Gaming platforms operate in a similar manner to remote desktops and video-on-demand services, gamers are stored and executed remotely on a provider’s dedicated hardware, and streamed as video to a player’s device via client software. The future of gaming is not discs but in the cloud. There are lots of cloud gaming services to select from today, and they all stream games to your phone, computer, or TV, turning each device into a gaming PC.

Cloud Gaming Service

According to TechRadar cloud gaming gets rid of the expensive gaming rig, console, or television set-top box required for traditional gaming. All the games are streamed across the internet and broadcast to your device. With your fast internet connection, you’re good to go.

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Moreover, Cloud Gaming Free services charge a monthly subscription fee, but for that price, you can stream to any device. This type of gaming can consume a lot of data, so it’s wise to check with your mobile data provider and get on an unlimited plan before starting.

Cloud Gaming Service Free

Find out the best free Cloud Gaming Services for you

The Google Stadia:

Stadia is Google’s entry into the cloud gaming space. It provides visuals with 4k streaming at 60 FPS for the games in its library. Gamers can play on compatible laptops, tablets, phones, and desktops. The premier edition also has TV play with Chromecast Ultra, a peripheral that costs extra money. You can access Stadia for free, but can’t access the games.

The pro subscription includes free games each month, but most games cost money on the service. The selection of Google Stadia games is much smaller than its competitor’s offerings.

Project xCloud:

It was created by Microsoft, launched on September 15th, 2020. Gamers will gain access to over 100 Xbox games to stream on their Android mobile phones or tablets.

The service is very much available in 22 countries in North America and Europe, and also South Korea. Microsoft said they have plans to launch the service in more countries in the future.

However, to play Project xCloud games you must have an active Xbox game pass ultimate subscription, an Android phone, Bluetooth controller with support for Xbox games, a Wi-Fi or LTE data connection with at least 10mbps down speed, and an Xbox game pass Android app.

Nvidia GeForce Now:

A robust service from graphics chip designer Nvidia. It turns nearly every laptop, Mac, Shield TV console, desktop, or Android mobile device into a gaming PC. Players can stream games from their Steam, Origin, and another digital delivery library to your devices.

So, if you have already bought or downloaded the games, GeForce Now allows you to gain access to them from anywhere, for a low cost. Gamers can play games for one hour, each session, for free. If you subscribe at the founders level you will get extended session lengths and priority access to the service.

PlayStation Now:

You can access more than 800 new and old games from the PlayStation library on your PS4 or PC with PlayStation Now. However to begin, you need to connect a PlayStation compatible controller to your computer, install the PlayStation Now app on windows, and you’re ready to turn your PC into a gaming console.

With this gaming service, you can choose to stream the games to your PS4 console or download them, and also your subscription will include full access to most online multiplayer modes.


This is a cloud gaming service that makes PC games available for Android moving devices, windows 10 computers, and macOS. You don’t have to download new games, all you need is to pay your subscription fee, connect to the server, and started playing games online.

With the Vortex app and a subscription, you’re good to go. It offers about 65 games at the Basic Plan subscription level, with 50 hours of playtime, and the ability to play on various devices. Players receive access to 160 games opens up at the Pro and Ultra subscription levels, as does Increased hours of playtime each month.



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