Comedy Movies to Watch on NollyLand – African Movies

Are you searching for comedy movies to watch on NollyLand – African Movies? Laughter, they say, is the universal language that transcends cultures and borders. And what better way to experience it than by immersing yourself in the rich world of African comedy movies? Luckily, NollyLand is the premier platform for African movies. The streaming platforms boast a lineup of rib-tickling films that not only entertain but also showcase the unique humor and vibrant storytelling that African cinema has to offer.

Comedy Movies to Watch on NollyLand

Below are some rib-tickling movies to watch on NollyLand;

Oringo 2 (2018)

Oringo 2 is an old comedy movie that is still worth watching. The allure of rapid enrichment and status upgrade drives a young lady into settling for an older man. She must however realize that there is always a price to pay in these situations and at the same time hope, that the price in this regard is not too costly.

Manny (2018)

This movie is about a disgruntled unsuccessful job applicant, who is determined to have his pound of flesh, and orchestrates the kidnap of the children of the protagonist’s affluential employer. At what cost will he release them? If you need something to get rolling in laughter, then I highly recommend you watch this one.

Super Kids 2

The survival instincts of three young kids automatically kick in, as a result of the inhumane treatment shown towards them in the absence of their father. This is an interesting and entertaining family drama, so be sure to watch it with the family. It is a great watch.

Matthew 5 vs 13 (2018)

Sometimes all we require to turn things around is a little act of kindness as is illustrated in this emotional family drama, featuring acts of repression perpetrated by a renowned aggressor. This is yet another one of the comedy movies to watch on NollyLand – African Movies. 

Masters And Servants (2018)

This movie attempts to benchmark the minimum requirements, regarding the general disposition and ethical comportment that should govern the typical Master and Servant relationship. The movie is packed with laughter and entertainment, so believe me, when I say you will enjoy streaming it.

Common Mistake Ladi (2018)

This movie throws the spotlight on marriages and how attitude plays a crucial role in its survival or destruction. A woman’s poor disposition to the core ideals of marriage threatens to jeopardize her marriage, as her husband’s tolerance threshold is stretched beyond its normal level.

Eteh The Stubborn Gateman 1 (2015)

This is another interesting comedy to watch on NollyLand if you’re looking for something to keep you entertained. A haunted house, two restless spirits on a vengeful rampage, and a stubborn security guard, all combine to make this entertaining family drama a delight. Believe me, you will enjoy this.

Prayer Point (2016)

This rib-cracking comedy movie makes an effort to expose the obvious discrepancies between the misleading impression of forthrightness, created by religious bigots. And the hypocritical canal lifestyles they embrace in secret on the other hand. Believe me, this is a good watch.

Obi The Illiterate (2013)

A group of unemployed young men conduct themselves in an unruly manner thereby constituting a menace to society. This hilarious comedy is a satire that focuses attention on the bane of illiteracy in society in relation to unemployment and poverty. Definitely, a must-watch if you enjoy Nigerian movies.

Baby’s Day Out 1 (2018)

A ruthless gang of kidnappers have their work cut out as they contend with a brilliant child who they abducted. They ultimately realize that they have bitten a little too much to chew in this hysterical comedy. Definitely a good watch as it promises nothing but pure laughter.

Johnbull (2017)

This hilarious comedy presents a rib-cracking laugh fest. It focuses on the attitude of a lazy young man who is averse to the dignity of labor and would rather depend on his hardworking elder brother for sustenance.

Jimi Bendel (2016)

Jimi Bendel is another interesting rib-tickling movie to watch on NollyLand. Believe me, yo will enjoy watching this movie because it is very interesting.

Kill Them All (2015)

The innocent occupants of a haunted house are being traumatized by vengeful phantoms who have resolved to irk the inhabitants of the said property. This is a comedy movie you will enjoy watching with the family.

Home Training (2017)

Another interesting, funny, and educational movie to watch on NollyLand. This movie promises nothing but fun, laughter, and entertainment. So, if you’re looking for something to keep you entertained, you should watch this movie

Kokoro (2016)

This violent, action-packed comedy movie zeros in on the activities of a brutal methodical killer, who carries out his uncanny craft with surgical precision. Kokoro is yet another one of the comedy movies to watch on NollyLand – African Movies.

His Holiness 1 (2010)

The allure of a luxurious lifestyle, achieved through ill means, prompts a previously religious man to abandon his faith for life on the fast lane. However, according to the law of Karma, he must contend with the inherent consequences of his actions.


There is a list of some movies you can watch on NollyLand. We hope you find these recommendations interesting. Kindly let us know your thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below. Also, share this post.

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