Conference Calls on Google Voice: How to Set Up a Google Conference Call


Conference Calls on Google Voice is one outstanding piece of tech that has taken place in this generation. Conference calls have become trendy and it’s one of the needs of the hour. Especially now that companies are having remote employees and outstanding manpower from different parts of the world. Most companies now communicate with their network of staff and branches more using conference meetings online rather than physical conveyance in a place.

Currently, the world is passing through the worst of its times. As the pandemic has taken a toll on different parts of the world. However, you may be thinking which of the free service you should use, for me Google Voice is just the right service offer for you.

Conference Call on Google Voice

Conference Call on Google Voice

Conference Call on Google voice enables you to talk with multiple people simultaneously or even with a single person. Google voice conference ca is one great option. It is quite easy and straightforward to configure and manage an audio conference call with the Google voice. It’s very useful for business purposes. You can use it to conduct a meeting with more than one person.

How to Set Up a Google Conference Call

To begin a Google conference Call, you must have an active Google account. Also, you must have a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet that there is a Google Voice app installed. Also, you can use Android or iOS devices if you can install the app. On a computer, you can use the web camera. If you have a Gmail account you can begin straight up using the Google voice.

Starting With Google Voice

Let’s begin using the steps I will be showing below;

  • Get to the Google Voice website and tap out of the available options “For Personal” or ‘For Business’
  • Click on “For Personal” you will be prompted to choose the next three choices Android, iOS, or Web. If you’re using it on your phone, you will be directed towards the app link otherwise towards the ‘Google Voice Sign Up’ page. Clicking on “For Business” will take you to the “Get Started” page.
  • After clicking on “Web” for personal use, press ‘Continue’ if you agree with the terms of service and the privacy policy.
  • On the next page, key in the City or Area Code to get a phone number of that region
  • Go through the available numbers and choose one for you as your Google Voice Number, then click on “Select”
  • Then verify your existing phone number using the “Verify” button
  • Key in the number to link to your Google Voice account where your incoming calls will be forwarded, and tap on the ‘Send Code’.
  • Key in the Code that you have received on your phone and click on “Verify” for confirmation.
  • Click on “Claim” to confirm the call forwarding to that number and press the ‘Finish’ button to complete the setup process of Google Voice
  • Next click ‘Finish’ to open your Google Voice account.

How to Start an Audio Conference Call

To begin an audio conference call with Google voice. Using it to make free phone calls with an individual that’s a single person. Follow the guide below;

  • Log in to your Google Voice account and click on the button “Make a Call” prompt on the left.
  • In the “Call” section, enter a name or number and hit the green phone icon to let Google dial the number
  • Google voice will call the number and connect you to it.

You can use Google voice to make free PC to phone calls by Installing the free Google Voice and Video Chat Plugin, also known as Hangout Plugin.

How to Make a Conference Call on Google Voice

To make a conference call on Google Voice, simply follow these instructions below:

  • Ensure that you inform all the participants in advance so that they would call you at the pre-scheduled time. The first step is to put a call through Google voice to any of the people or let one of them call you.
  • When the call is active, start adding other participants when they dial the number. You will get a prompt for the incoming call and to accept the call, press 5 after listening to the message about making a conference call.
  • Also, you can record a conference call, for instance, if it’s for business purposes, but you need to turn on the option from the settings under incoming Call options
  • All participants will be added to the conference call. Press 4 to start recording the call and all the participants will be alerted when the recording is started and ended

Conference Call on Google Voice only allows 10 participants for free. But on a paid Google Voice account, you are allowed up to 25 participants. Alternatively, you can use Google Hangout Meet. It allows for video conference call service includes with your G Suite license. It allows you to add participants from 25 upward to 250 participants.

To see more on Conference Call on Google Voice visit their sites here.

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