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Are you in need of something important but don’t have the finances to get it? CredPal Buy items and pay at your convenience is a platform that can help you out. This credit platform provides users with access to buy essential items.

CredPal Buy Now Pay

That is to say, you can buy the items you want and then pay later in instalments. Sounds very interesting, right? There is more to learn about CredPal, so all you have to do is pay attention and read on.

CredPal is a tech organization in Nigeria that enables users to make purchases of any item across the many online and offline vendors and then pay later. Using CredPal, you can buy anything you need on credit and pay at your convenience. Also, the platform offers investment services to customers.

CredPal – Buy items and pay at your convenience platform services are licensed and controlled by the Central Bank of Nigeria. That means your financial safety is assured.

CredPal Buy Now Pay Later

CredPal BNPL is becoming more popular with merchants worldwide as allows e-commerce companies to offer instalment products to customers. The platform offers simple and transparent pricing models which makes it easy for consumers to pay for products.

CredPal buys now pay later is a financial technology company that aims to increase the purchasing power of individuals. In other words, the platform allows customers to buy items and claim immediate ownership. This is done after they have paid a part of the money and spread the rest over an agreed period.

Buy now pay later is great for those individuals who need products and services now don’t have the funds available. They can make use of this credit option to get items without immediate payment.  However, CredPal can only be accessed via its mobile bank.

CredPal Credit Card

With the CredPal credit card, you get the funds you need to meet your purchases and emergency cash needs while you pay back at the end of your billing cycle. The card enables you to pay for your electricity bills, renew your gym membership, renew your Netflix subscription, and others.

Also, the money in your CredPal wallet is transferrable to your bank account.

How Does CredPal Work

CredPal works easily and can be used to shop for products mostly electronics and payments can be spread across a specified period. To use, all you have to do is download the app to your device and create an account. To establish trust and financial safety, most of the platforms will require a valid identification card such as an international password, driver’s license, voter’s card, bank statements, etc. While others will simply require you to sign up on their platform.

Benefits of CredPal – Buy Items and Pay at Your Convenience

Below are some of the benefits of CredPal to consumers:

Convenient and Flexible

CredPal offers a convenient and flexible payment option to those who aren’t buoyant enough financially. You can use CredPal BNPL to make purchases of the items you need and split the payments easily.

Very Affordable

CredPal provides affordable payment options for users since they have limited fees and interest rates.

Manage Repayment

Paying with CredPal provides you with a complete overview of all your purchases and instalment plans that helps you keep track of your purchases.

Increase spending limit

On CredPal, the more you shop for items and make timely repayments, the more your credit limit increases. If that happens, you get more access to deals and offers on the platform.

CredPal Invest

With CredPal, you can grow your money the smart way by investing them on the platform. The platform allows you to create multiple investment wallets, earn up to 16% per annum on your investment capital, etc.

How to use CredPal to Buy Now and Pay Later

The process of buying now and paying later at your convenience takes just a few steps. Once the process is completed, you can start buying the items you want and split the cost over some time. Consumers can shop online or offline. Follow the process below to purchase offline;

  • Shopping online will require you to work into any of CredPal’s partnered merchant stores and choose the items you want.
  • Then you have to let the merchant know you are paying with CredPal’s buy now pay later.
  • After which you can either scan the QR code of the merchant or use your CredPal payment link given to you by the merchant.
  • 30% of the product price will be required to be paid upfront while the remaining 70% will be split up into 6 monthly installments.
  • Once CredPal approves you, then the purchased items will be handed over to you by the merchant.

Use the below steps to purchase with CredPal online;

  • This will require you to sign up or log in to the CredPal mobile app.
  • From the dashboard, select the “Shop” icon at the bottom.
  • Select any of the merchants displayed on your screen or use the search box and find the merchant you want.
  • Now, pick the item you want and add it to your cart and proceed to check out.
  • On the merchant’s checkout page, click on “CredPal Buy Now Pay Later” as the payment method.
  • Sign in to your account and make a 30% down payment.

Your purchased items with CredPal will be delivered to you.

CredPal Customer Care Number

CredPal doesn’t have a customer care number listed on its website, however, there is a contact means available that can be used to reach them. If you have inquiries or complaints to make, you can follow the below steps to contact CredPal;

  • Open your browser and navigate to
  • From the CredPal BNPL homepage, scroll to the bottom.
  • Soon, you will locate the “Contact” option made available.

Also, you can connect with CredPal on their socials including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

How to Download CredPal Buy Now Pay Later

The CredPal app is available on iOS and Android devices. Follow the steps below to download the CredPal app;

  • Launch the app store on your device.
  • Use the search type in CredPal.
  • From the result list, select the CredPal Buy Now Pay Later app to load the information page.
  • Tap on “Install” or “Download”.

CredPal will be immediately installed and downloaded into your smartphone for you to use.


CredPal to get easy credit solutions and purchase the essential items you want. Also, there are investment options for you to choose from. I hope this guide on CredPal is helpful. If there are any suggestions or questions relating to CredPal, use the comment section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What rewards does CredPal Buy now pay later offer?

The platform offers exciting rewards and loyalty points to users. Loyalty points on CredPal are earned on credit card payments and also from time to time, cash backs are available when you purchase or patronize merchants.

Is my CredPal account secure?

CredPal offers protection from unauthorized transactions, so you can trust that your finances on the platform are secure.

Where can I use CredPal?

You can access CredPal’s buy now pay later with their merchants online and offline. You can shop online via the mobile app, through the merchant’s website, or scan the CredPal QR code on merchant sites.

What is CredPal Buy Now Pay Later?

CredPal is a secure credit platform that allows you to buy items through its verified merchants. That is, CredPal allows you to access its merchants to pay for purchases using your credit card. It makes life easier mostly for those that are not financially buoyant.

Who can use CredPal Buy now and pay later?

CredPal is accessible to business owners and salary earners as long as you meet the requirements needed, you can use it.

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