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Crowdfunding websites gives you the opportunity to raise funds from different investors online. There are so many entrepreneurs out there who have issues in raising funds for their businesses. maybe you have an amazing business idea but you lack money to use and fund it, the crowdfunding sites help you fund your business idea from the beginning to end. There are so many crowdfunding websites you can work with, I will be listing out the best website for you in this article.

Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding websites are here for you if you want to raise money for a project or business in other to reach your goals. We have over 40 websites that can help you realize your fundraising dreams. A website like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are known as the best site when it comes to online fundraising.

Crowdfunding Meaning

Crowdfunding is a website used by growing businesses or Startup companies to get funds. This is the most interesting and amazing way to boom your business. Thus this platform enables interaction between the crowd and fundraisers, this is where they make their financial pledges.

Best Crowdfunding Websites

Check out some of the websites below.

The Kickstarter Website

Kickstarter is the leading crowdfunding websites across the Internet. Lots of people go through the projects they listed several to invest their money to the most deserving one. However, the platform accepts all major kinds of creative projects not for awareness campaigns, scholarships or charity, vacations, etc.

To use the platform, all you need is to register for an account and provide your project information. The information about the project you want to raise funds must be properly detailed, without living any piece of information behind.


Indiegogo site aims at raising funds to make your business or project move forward without delay. The site is quite similar to the above website. But with Indiegogo, you can obtain funds for charity purposes.


RocketHub website provides you with three easy steps to post your projects on the platform. With this, you can be able to monitor the status of your project. To get crowdfunding you have to go for fuel past. However, it has a Launchpad which lets you work with top brands, companies, and marketers to help you raise public interest and to seek greater opportunity for your project.


GoFundMe is the best site to visit if you want to raise funds for your self or cause. On this platform, you can get people to donate for your personal campaign.

With this website, your personal fundraising request will be shared to social media platforms, donations pages to help you get the fund you need.

Types of Crowdfunding

Below, i will share with you some of the types of crowdfunding.

  • Donation: donation funds are given based on charity. It does not require something in return.
  • Reward funding: this is where you fund a particular project or business at the end gets a reward that comes from the project.
  • Peer to Peer. It’s an act of lending money to an organization with the understanding of paying it back with interest.
  • Investment crowdfunding: this type of funding lets you invest in a company and then receive a stake in return.

Listed above are the types of crowdfunding websites.


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