CyberDog Is a New Ominous-Looking Robot from Xiaomi


Do you know CyberDog? Well if you don’t, CyberDog is a new ominous-looking robot from Xiaomi. The Chinese tech giants and conglomerates have unveiled a quadrupedal robot named CyberDog. While this might come as a shock to many, it is not to others, especially those who have been following the company closely.

CyberDog Is a New Ominous-Looking Robot from Xiaomi

CyberDog Is a New Ominous-Looking Robot from Xiaomi

This CyberDog is more like an experimental project, an open-source machine in the firm’s words, ‘holds unforetold possibilities’. Cyberdog is just one of the latest examples of most tech companies going into the quadrupedal form factor in robotics. One notable example of this trend already set is spot. If you recall, spot is a robot or machine rather built by Boston Dynamics, a US firm.

The machine spot was sold last year for $74,500. And ever since then it has been put to a wide range of uses such as helping doctors connect with patients remotely, help in surveying dangerous mines. Also, it has been tested by law enforcement and even the military although it is not seen as a weapon.

What Xiaomi Has To Say

Well, the company had a lot to say. The company says CyberDog has a pet-like nature. Well, how true is that? For now, the purpose of this CyberDog is not clear. The company however in a press release stresses that the open-source nature of the machine and its design would make them only release a thousand units for the fans, enthusiasts in the field, and engineers.

The company also hopes that the first users of this machine will add to the development and said potential of the robot. The first thousand units that will be sold will go for 9,999 Yuan or $1, 540. It’s not clear what the price will be for future sales though.

Included in the press release also shows the pet-like nature of the robot. And this is including its ability to follow its owner like a real dog and to respond to voice commands. Taking a look at the pictures released by the company, it is clear that they are not trying to copy Aibo, Sony’s own robot. The robot can perform backflips says the company at a speed of 3.2m/s and weighs 3kg.

The robot is powered by NVidia’s Jetson Xavier AI platform and is equipped with lots of cameras and sensors. The sensors included in this robot are touch sensors, GPS module, ultra-wide Anglefisheye lens, Intel’s real sense D450 camera for depth sensing. These are the components that make the robot navigate semi-automatically.

CyberDog Features

Xiaomi’s CyberDog can run an analysis of its environment in real-time, create maps, and plots its destination. Boasting a whole lot of features including a human posture and a face recognition tracking feature, this robot is capable of following its owner and darting at obstructions, just like a normal dog.

The machine will also be able to respond to voice instructions including wake instructions. Or you can choose to control it with a connected smartphone app.

Cyberdog has three USB-C ports and an HDMI port. The company says it will be used to customize its hardware. Xiaomi suggests lidar sensors, panoramic cameras, and even searchlights can be added to the machine.


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