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Is the dating app on Facebook available? Many users have been of the notion that this very app and feature is not yet available on the platform. Is this true? If it is true, how true is this? Facebook dating in essence is available and a lot of users on the platform, account holders, are already making use of it. And you too can. Continue reading to know everything you need to know about it.

Dating App on Facebook Available

Dating App on Facebook Available

Facebook dating has been launched and has been in use for some time now, a couple of years to be precise. But still, there are some users who have not gotten access to it. There is a reason for this though. And the reason may be due to the user’s (account holder) fault or from Facebook social media.

Facebook is well and live but in order to start making use of it, you will need to put yourself in a position to start making use of it. It is that simple! With the Facebook dating app, users and account holders on Facebook can find and establish romantic relationships and ultimately even get married. If this very app is available, why then am I not getting access to it?

What You Need To Get Access to Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is a feature on the platform and not a stand-alone app. This means that you can only access it via the Facebook platform since it’s a feature. In other words, you will need to have a registered account. if you do not have one, it is very important you create one now. Go to to create a free account on Facebook.

You may also have a Facebook account and still not be able to access this feature. Do you know why? If you do not know, here it is. Facebook dating is only available to some regions where Facebook is accessible in the world. Although it is available, it is not yet accessible to all regions where Facebook is.

Lastly, you will need to get an updated version of the Facebook mobile app installed on your mobile device, android, or iOS. At the time of this writing, Facebook dating is not yet available on desktop versions of Facebook. So all you have to do is to update your Facebook mobile app or download and install it if you do not have it on your device.

If after installing the Facebook mobile app or updating it and you still do not find the dating option on it, it simply means that the feature is not yet available to your region.

How to Access Facebook Dating

Now that you have learned everything you need to know about the Facebook app, here are the steps in accessing it on your mobile device.

  • Open the Facebook mobile app on your device.
  • Tap the hamburger icon and tap the dating icon and option.

You may tap the see more option to see the dating option and icon at times. You will be taken to the dating platform on Facebook immediately. And from there you will set up your Facebook dating profile.


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