Disney Now: Where and How To Watch Disney Now Contents


DisneyNow or Disney now whichever one you prefer is a TV everywhere app. It can also be referred to as a mobile streaming app consisting of all Disney’s singular watch apps such as Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, and Radio Disney. With this very app, all of Disney’s streaming singular platforms are now being conjured into one very large and fine platform.

Disney Now

Disney Now

Normally, all of Disney’s programs have their own separate watch or streaming apps. But with this very, the case is now reversed. Having separate apps for these platforms is not a bad move if you ask me. But what users find really tiring is having a whole bunch of apps from a single provider on their devices. But times are changing and certainly changing fast and their competitors are making moves. In other to keep up with the market, they have no choice but to adapt to the changes and at the same time keeping their customer’s interest best at heart.

Disney Now Features

In other to get this app accepted by their customers, there are some features that Disney has to imbibe within it so it can be accepted positively. Previously with these separate apps are age-appropriate. This means that there are apps meant for minors and those for teens.

But now that everything has been put in one place how does Disney differentiate these programs? There is a feature on this app known as Disney junior only’. This feature lets parents keep the app focused on pre-school-appropriate programming.

On this app, users can also set up their own profiles. You also can select from a variety of over 180 avatars to customize your profile icon. On this app, kids can choose their favorite shows. Disney will therefore give recommendations about what to watch based on their favorite shows and characters.

With this app, you do not only get to watch shows and movies. You can also play games, listen to music, radio and live performances too. You will be remembered where you left on a show whenever you log in so you can resume watching. The app is an ad-supportive app.

Cost of DisneyNow

To be able to view Disney now contents you need to have an active Disney pay-TV subscription from a cable, satellite, or digital programming distributor. Dome of its contents though are available for free. But in other to get the full lineup of programs you need to be authenticated with their pay-TV credentials.

Where and How To Watch Disney Now Contents

To watch the contents of Disney now, you need the Disney app. But I have some good news for you though. If you don’t have this app on your device, you can also watch and access the contents of the app. Disney now works with a host of other platforms such as YouTube, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, Hulu and so much more.

This means that if you have access to any of these credentials you can also watch Disney now contents without the Disney now app. But on the other hand, it is advisable to just get the Disney now app on your device for the sake of your kids. The reason for this is that most of these other platforms have adult-rated programs. Therefore, for your kids not to stumble across them, just get the Disney now app installed.

Disney Now App Download

To download this app is easy and free. All you need is an internet-enabled device that supports the app. This app can be downloaded for free on iOS, Apple TV, android, fire tablets, and Roku. As of the time of this writing, there are no versions for fire TV, android TV, or the web although versions for these platforms will soon be available according to Disney.

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