Disney’s Star Wars Hotel Is Just like Westworld: Only for the Wealthy


There has been a lot of buzz about Disney’s star wars hotel in recent years and if you haven’t heard about it then you have been missing a whole lot. The maiden company, Disney has been teasing about its upcoming star wars: galactic starcruiser hotel for years now. And also promising it to be more like a west world type of experience.

Disney’s Star Wars Hotel

Disney’s Star Wars Hotel

With the news and teasing of this star wars themed hotel, fans all over the world really don’t know what to expect. Well if you are one of the persons you have nothing to worry about. This post has got important pieces of information for you.

The star wars: galactic starcruiser hotel is a project that will expand the Disney galaxy edge theme park into a complete two-day interactive star wars adventure. What will this hotel look like, one may ask?

Here is something you need to know. You will be sleeping in a star wars themed room, drink and eat star wars inspired means. Also, you will be around actors that will be guiding you through your very own star wars vacation.

The Galactic Starcruiser Pricing

The company has already announced information on practical aspects of the galactic starcruiser experience. And this is including the pricing. And guess what? Just like the Westworld movie, this experience will be reserved only for the rich, extremely wealthy persons. A two-night stay will be starting at $4,809 for two adults.

The price above is just an estimate for an entry-level cabin. The price may vary on the number of guests. In essence, a family of four including three adults and a child may be priced at $5,999 for two nights only. The ticket will also include food and drinks except for alcohol and other specialty beverages. Also, this will give you admission to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park to visit the galaxy edge park for a day.

However, you should know that you are paying for the ultimate star wars experience which the company says will offer an in-universe-style adventure. Guests will get to complete with role-playing staff who, during the course will ask you for help on quests.

Also, guests will be allowed to dress in star wars outfits. In general, the galactic starcruiser is an exorbitantly priced hotel that only the wealthy can afford at the moment.

The Galactic Starcruiser Experience and Activities

The galactic starcruiser is an all-inclusive stay hotel including dining and other activities. Some of the activities included in this vacation include the sabacc competitions and lightsaber training. And, also unexpected story moments that will pop up during your stay as a guest which is completely optional and so many more.

One of the two days you will be spending on the park or hotel rather is dedicated to you visiting galaxy’s edge and also riding two rides, although have been open for months now.


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