Do Car Batteries Charge While Idling?

In this article, the question “Do Car Batteries Charge while Idling?” would be answered in detail. Sometimes, your car’s battery run down and this is due to some factors such as a faulty alternator, leaving the headlamps on for a long time, etc.

Do Car Batteries Charge While Idling
Do Car Batteries Charge While Idling

To learn more about the car battery, how it charges, and lots more, you should keep on reading.

Do Car Batteries Charge while Idling?

The battery of your car needs to be charged or else it will die overtime. Well, the battery of your car is designed to charge while the engine of your car runs.

So, the answer is yes. Car batteries charge while idling. When you leave your car without driving for a long period of time, it runs the battery down. But drivers who use their cars every day may never have to worry about having a dead battery.

How does a Car Battery Charge?

How does a car battery charge? You may be wondering. If the alternator of your car is in a good shape, the battery would charge while idling.

The alternator of a car can be called the “Charger” of the battery. An alternator in a car is an auto component that produces electrical power by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The alternator in a car not only charges the battery but it also supplies electricity to the electrical accessories. All this happens while the engine of the car runs. The electrical accessories in a car includes the head lamps, radio, dashboard lights, windscreen wipers, Air conditioner etc.

With this, you should know that the alternator and battery in your car work together to make your car function well. A faulty alternator would lead to a dead battery in the long run.

One sign of a dying car battery is the rapid dimming of the head lamps. So, if you notice this, you need to charge the battery. If you are curious to know how the alternator charges the car battery, you should keep on reading.

How does an Alternator Charge a Battery?

As it was said earlier in this article, the alternator is responsible for charging the battery of your car. The alternator of your car is divided into three parts: the stator, the rotor and the diode.

A drive belt is also attached to the alternator by a pulley. When the ignition of your car is turned on, the drive belt moves. This movement turns the pulley which in turn spins a set of magnets around the alternator’s coil.

An alternating current (AC) is produced by the coils and the current is transferred to the rectifier. The last stage is where the alternator’s rectifier converts the alternating current to a direct current (DC). With this, the battery of your car stays charged while the engine idles.

Other electrical accessories in the car are also supplied with electrical power. This is how the alternator charges a battery.

How Long does it take to Charge a Car Battery while Idling?

Having known that the battery of your car charges while it idles, you may be wondering “How Long does it take to Charge a car Battery while Idling?”.

If you don’t drive your car regularly, you can leave the engine to idle for about 15 to 20 minutes. This would leave the battery charged and your car running well.

However, if you jumpstart your car, you should leave the engine to run for about 30 minutes to charge the battery.

With the knowledge from this article, you should know that the battery of a car is important for it to start. Meanwhile, the alternator keeps the car active while the engine runs and charges the battery in the process.


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