Duolingo Languages: How Many Languages Are on Duolingo


Duolingo is both an app and a web platform where individuals can get to learn different languages. Duolingo Languages could easily mean two things; it is either the languages in which you can use the platform or the languages you can learn on the platform.

Surely, we will be looking at Duolingo languages from these two perspectives. Upon the conclusion of this article, you should have understood what Duolingo languages are and how to use them. Changing languages on-site or learning languages is a game-changer. How is it a game-changer one might ask? Keep reading.

Duolingo Languages and all you absolutely need to know

Duolingo Languages

Let’s say, for instance, you are new to the Duolingo site and you do not speak English but the default language on the site is English. It will be messy using the platform for its purposes and some might even quit the platform and never use it again.

But the introduction of language changes, you can change the whole site to a language you understand and use it to learn the language you intended to. That is Duolingo languages in the aspect of changing languages.

Learning different languages can be fun and you might not necessarily need it but you just have that zeal to study it. Maybe you just want to use it to talk to others if you do not want them to understand what you are saying or someone always speaks to you in that language so you want to learn it.

However, the case scenario is that you do not have any money to pay for a private or public lesson, so where do you turn to? You simply turn to Duolingo and use it to learn the language you want to learn. That is Duolingo languages from the perspective of using it to learn languages.

Different Duolingo Languages You Can Learn

There are several languages on Duolingo you can learn and I will be giving you a list of them below. All of the languages about t be listed can be learned on Duolingo for free.

  • Spanish.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Japanese.
  • Italian.
  • Korean.
  • Russian.
  • Turkish.
  • Dutch.
  • Swedish.
  • Hindi.
  • Greek.
  • High Valyrian.
  • Hebrew.
  • Polish.
  • Arabic and so on.

There are several other languages you can learn on Duolingo. The languages listed above are just a few of the languages you can learn using the platform.

Duolingo App

The Duolingo app is free to download and use on almost all devices. You can get the Duolingo app downloaded and installed on your device via your device app store. Your device app store can be the Google play store, apple app store, amazon app store, and so on. As long as it is an app store, you can download and install the Duolingo app on it.

Change Your Duolingo Languages

If you are using the Duolingo website or app, you can change the language. Changing the language on the platform to a language you understand clearly is the best for you to learn and understand better the language you want to learn.

  • Go to the Duolingo website using the URL www.duolingo.com or launch the Duolingo app on your device.
  • Now that you are on the welcome page of the site, tap on the dropdown arrow from the top right side of the screen and select the language you want to use the site it.

That is all for changing the language of your Duolingo site. If you are having trouble accessing the main homepage of the site, try clearing your device cache or log in and log out again.

Learn on Duolingo

To learn any language on Duolingo, simply go to the Duolingo website or launch any of its app. tap on the get started button and fill the form. Create a profile and start learning any language on Duolingo. Remember, it is free.


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