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If you’re a business owner, you need funds to keep your business running smoothly. MasterCard Easy Savings is a program designed to support eligible business cardholders by providing easy ways to save. Visit easysavings.mastercard.com to learn more about this rebate program and how it can empower your business.

mastercard easy savings

With your MasterCard rebate program, you can make purchases at any participating merchants. This program is for business cardholders and comes with unique and exclusive benefits.

Easy Savings MasterCard

The easy savings.mastercard.com is a no coupons, no codes saving account for your business. You will receive an automatic rebate with your MasterCard small business card.

Easysavings.mastercard.com offers you everything supporting your business, from travel to the digital presence of your business. You can dine out with clients and still save. When you enroll on this rebate program you enjoy a rebate program offered with any participating partners.

However, the program is now for small businesses with Mastercard credit cards and signature debit cards. A lot of MasterCard issuers offer this MasterCard Easy Savings program. Call your card issuer first to find out about enrollment.

Mastercard Easy Savings Eligibility

Cardholders who have U.S.-issued small business Mastercard credit and signature debit cards are automatically eligible for the program. Commercial Mastercard also has automatic eligibility.

For to find out if a card qualifies for the Easy Savings program, call the relevant bank associated with the account or call the number on the back of the card to find out and register.

How Mastercard Easy Savings Works?

If you are already a small business Mastercard cardholder, then this easy savings program is for you. As mentioned before, it does not require coupons or codes to receive rebates. This makes it very easy to get more money back for your business.

However, rebate savings are added to cardholders’ accounts from 3-5 working days after purchases at participating merchants. All billing is made at the end of the month on monthly billing statements each billing cycle.

The rebates program is both for in-store and online purchases but some merchants may put up specifications on which purchases are eligible. Always confirm with the merchants on participating products. Also, always check participation partners’ status in case they exist from the rebate program.

Easy Savings Mastercard Benefits & Offers

The easy savings Mastercard program is designed with exclusive offers for cardholders. Always check at https://easysavings.mastercard.com/easysavings/common/en_US/index.html#/home to see more participating partners in the program and the rebate they offer.

Cardholders can enjoy rewards on Local Travel, restaurant dining and fuel merchants See the few ones here:

  • At Restaurants, you can save up to 4% over 20,000 restaurant networks across North America via Dinova’s exclusive business dining network. Including Einstein Bros, Fleming’s prime steakhouse and wine bar and BJ’S restaurant and Brewhouse.
  • On Fuel and maintenance, you will save 1% on gas at about 19,000 Participating Gas stations across North America.
  • At Hotels, you will save 4% when you lodge at one of any participating hotels, with over 6,000 participating partners including Hilton Garden Inn and Howard Johnson, Hyatt Place, Super 8 and others.
  • When you Travel, you save up to 5%.
  • 2% – 25% on products and services that aid in running a business.

Those are some of the benefits and offers of easy savings on Mastercard.

Business Services And Digital Tools

There are also participating business services and Digital tools that are partners in the Easy Savings Mastercard program. These include:

  • Dun & Bradstreet – 5% rebate
  • Microsoft – enjoy 5% Cashback
  • Snapchat – receive10 a % rebate on Snapchat ad spend
  • Dropbox – enjoy 20% off
  • Avis – Enjoy 5% Cashback on car rentals in US and UK
  • Budget – enjoy 5% Cashback on car rental
  • Monster – Get 25% Cashback on Monster Job Ads
  • CLC Lodging – Get 1% Cashback

Easy savings.mastercard.com is for all small business owners with Mastercard from participating partners. Check on https://www.mastercard.com to find a card that card eligible for the rebate program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Mastercard Easy Savings?

Mastercard Easy Savings requires no coupons or codes. Just use your eligible MasterCard small business card with no qualified purchases at any participating Marchant.

How do I Join Mastercard Easy Savings? / Where do I Enroll for Mastercard Easy Savings?

If your Mastercard Credit or signature debit card is a small business card and your card issuer participates in the program, you are automatically enrolled.

How Will Receive the Rebates Provided by Mastercard Easy Savings?

Mastercard Easy Savings will provide rebates on purchases made at participating program partners. This is not a cash-back or point redemption program.

Is there a Fee to Join Mastercard Easy Savings?

There is no cost to participate in the Mastercard Easy Savings Program. There are no coupons or codes. You only need to use your eligible card to get the rebates.

What are the Three Levels of Mastercard?

Mastercard credit cards are broken down into three tiers, including standard, world and world Elite.

What can Mastercard be Used For?

Use your Mastercard credit card for everyday purchases – at stores, online, and even places that don’t accept cash or checks, like hotels. Your Mastercard gives you the freedom to support the lifestyle you choose.

Can I Receive Money With My Mastercard?

Mastercard issuers allow users to accept funds using a dedicated IBAN, SWIFT code, or routing number. You’ll provide these numbers along with your name to the sender, who will then use this information to transfer funds to your account.

How do I Check my Mastercard Balance?

Check your balance by contacting their customer service. And also note some transaction types require a hold of up to 20% above the purchase amount.

Is GTB Card a Mastercard?

This GTBank Naira Mastercard is a Naira-denominated debit card issued in partnership with Mastercard worldwide. It is denominated in Naira, and can be used for ATM Cash withdrawals and also to settle purchases/payments via POS terminals.

What is the Highest Mastercard you can get?

World Elite is the highest level of MasterCard and includes benefits like a World Elite concierge and exclusive partner discounts and offers.

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