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Facebook Analytics makes available for you much vital information that will help you figure out your result so that you can strategize and implement on your return in investment. If Facebook drives many waves for your business then you need to use Facebook Analytics. Some people may not really know much about Facebook analytics, but in this article, I will elaborate on this topic.

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics

Every good business that is using the Facebook platform needs to use Facebook Analytics. This will give you a full understanding of when and how users see the contents that you post on Facebook. Also, you have to ensure that the Facebook algorithm works well for you. However, Facebook Analytics has its own tools that will enable you to understand social media strategy. These tools are Facebook Page Insight and Facebook Audience Insights.

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Facebook Audience Insights and Facebook Page Insights

These two tools are Facebook analytics tools. Although there are differences but they are not much. Facebook Audience Insights allows you to understand your Facebook Audience so that you can make your target and create your content. While Facebook Page Insight enables you to see the full detailed analyzes on your Facebook page. This will allow you to learn how people interact with your posts and get to improve on your result. Also, you will be able to trace what works on your page. Now, the question is, how can you use Facebook analytics?

How to Use Facebook Analytics

In using Facebook analytics you need Facebook Insight to view all the events on your Facebook page. When you are on the Facebook page click on Insight icon at the top of the page, perhaps you don’t find it, click on more icon for it to come up. Next, get to the ‘Overview’ widget on the left-hand side of the page.

The overview will give you the total information on your Facebook page. The overview is cut-down into three sections, first the Page Summary. From the page summary, you’ll see a set of graphs with metrics in categories that indicate the flow of activities on each section of your page. The categories are:

  • Actions on Page – this is the total clicks on your contact information and call-to-action button
  • Page Likes – the total numbers of new likes
  • Post Engagements – the total sum of post likes, shares, comments and other activities.
  • Page followers – numbers of new followers
  • Page Views – sum total views of your Facebook page, plus the people not logged into Facebook.
  • Post Reach – the total number of Facebook users that saw your post on their timeline.
  • Page Responsiveness – this evaluate the speed of your responses to messages
  • Orders – Your earnings and orders.
  • Page Reviews – the total number of times Facebook users hover their mouse on your link to access your page.
  • Recommendations – the number of people that recommended your page.
  • Videos – number of video view from three seconds and more

With these metrics above you can click on any of these charts to access more detailed information. Also, you can click on the corresponding item on the left-side menu of the page.

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The Second Section of the Overview

The second section of the overview is called Your 5 Most Recent Posts. In this section, you will get the latest posts reaches and engagement. In this section, you can boost your best performing post on the page.

The third section is called Pages to Watch. Here, you can manually add new pages from a competitor to compare your progress. This helps you to cross-checked your result against a major competitor in your industry.

However, another analysis here is your Posts. The posts sections of your Facebook page analytics dashboard give you numerous important information about your posts and the activity on your page, as divided into three headings which are: Post Types, Top Posts from pages you watch and when your Fans are online.  Actually, looking at the top of the screen the only changes that occur are the information in the box at the top of the screen. That is when you click on any of the three tabs mentioned above. The information section is called All Posts Published. Let me explain the all posts published section.

All Post Published

In this section, you can review all the results on the posts you have published on your page. However, for each post, you will see: Type, targeting, reach and engagement. Let me explain them one after the other.

  • Type – the column helps you to comprehend the types of pots that attract your audiences. Is it a video, photos posts or link post? All these you will find here.
  • Targeting – it shows you the targeted audiences. For relevance, ensure that you take into concentrations the targeted group
  • Reach – this shows your page total coverage. Those that have seen your post, the breakdown for if it’s organic or paid. Get to the top of the All Posts Published section, from the drop-down menu you can use to change things displayed in the column.
  • Engagement – In this section, you will see the total number of clicks on each post, and also the combined number of shares, comments and reactions. You will see also the option to boost your post on this section.

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How to Make good use of your Facebook Analytics

The tips you have received so far from these articles it very important to improve your outcome especially in the future. Make a new strategy that will keep boosting your work. Use this piece of info to keep a check on your results.

Think About Your Target Audience

From the result you are getting so far, are the set of people visiting your page your targeted audience? Try to know those that visit your page the most. Use your overview section, on the Actions on Page section to view those that click your contact information, call-to-action button, or get to website broken down by age and gender, city, devices, and country. Use this information to adjust your Facebook content strategy to align with the audience that connects with you naturally.

Let your Content Trend – Facebook Analytics

Here I mean you getting the trends in your content that pull more likes so as to keep posting more of such. Also, track those contents that did not receive positive likes. You can event hide such post, repot such as spam. Try to get what happened and avoid doing it again. You can get this information by getting to the Reach icon at the left-hand menu. Also, check those that unfollow your page, check or the content you post the very date. If you had posted anything that annoyed your fans, you will see information under the Followers sections in the left-hand menu.

Optimize your Page to what you want

With Facebook Page Insight you can see people’s actions and responses on your website. Think of how all these actions give me the desired goals or how does it align with my Facebook Marketing strategy? The next thing to think about is what you want people to do on your page. You can then use Facebook Page Insight to access the necessary actions on your page that people engage more often.

However, you need to refine your page. Create content the will steer them in your area of interest. Add any change that you think will bring the necessary effects.

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Update Regularly

Your Facebook Page Insight is constantly updating, checking on your Facebook Page Insight is no just a day activity, and you must be consistent with the updated so has to build more patterns. Always check back more often.

Schedule Your Posting Time

When you are using the Facebook platform, the timing is very important. It is good to time your posts based on your targeted audience. Watch those clicks on your content; check the time range on which you have high clicks. With this data, you can schedule when to posts, the time for your specific audience. This information is under Posts.

Facebook Analytics is all about the activities on your Facebook page. Enjoy it.


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