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Facebook avatar feature is currently available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada. Facebook is still yet to reveal when it will be rolled out to other countries. The feature gives the users an opportunity to create cartoon characters that is almost like them.  This is just an addition to the Facebook Dating Feature.

Facebook Avatars

You might have seen lots of users posting avatar that looks almost like that of Bitmoji on Facebook feed. Are trying to figure out how to make your own avatar to make use of, then you don’t have to worry about it. Here in this article, you will learn how to make your own Facebook avatar, how to use it, and so on.

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Facebook Avatar

Have you ever wanted to become a cartoon character, here is a huge opportunity before you? Facebook Avatar is here to make that a reality and there is also move over emojis also. The new fun feature is also similar to that Snapchat’s Bitmoji and you can use your avatar on messenger, comment, and stories. The avatars can express themselves in various ways; users can be able to do something than normal likes, laugh cry, and so on. You can also personalize your avatar, from hairstyle, eyes, nose to that of your outfits, and more. It isn’t a must that it must look exactly like you, so don’t get frustrated when trying to make yours.

How to Create your Facebook Avatar

Locating the Avatar option is not as difficult as you think it will be.  As mentioned earlier that the Facebook Avatar doesn’t have its own app. It is been embedded inside the Facebook App from the App you can find the Facebook Avatar option and set it up. Now let me give you the steps of setting it up. Below are the given steps:

  • Open the Facebook app on your device and tap on the menu button at the right-hand side of your screen.
  • After that, you have to click on “See more and Avatars”.
  • Now you are to look at the Avatar creation screen.
  • From there you can now start choosing your skin tone, face, nose, eyes, lips, and others.
  • If you u are unable to recall what your face features look like when you are setting up your own avatar.
  • Then just tap on the mirror icon in the upper right corner.
  • With that the camera will open and you will be able to look at yourself to in a little rectangle from there you can choose your facial features.
  • Once you are done, click the checkmark icon to save your avatar.

With these steps your own Facebook avatar is ready.

How to Use your Facebook Avatar

Since you now have your own Facebook avatar, Facebook will now allow you to make use of it in your comments.

For  Comments

To access your own stickers, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Facebook app on your device to open.
  • Click on the Smiley face icon in the comment box, when making use of the app.
  • Then tap on your avatar icon and pick the avatar of your choice
  • After that, add it to your comment.
  • Click on the “arrow icon” to post your comment.

Here are the steps to follow when you want to make use of your avatar to comment.

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For Profile Picture

You can also make your avatar, like your Facebook profile picture by taking these steps.

  • Firstly, go back to the avatar section of the Facebook app t going to the menu.
  • Tap on the See more and Avatars and you will find your avatar standing there.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, there will find three icons.
  • Tap the arrow button and a menu will pop out.
  • Choose the set as profile picture from the menu.
  • Then choose a pose from the list and background you would like for profile photo.
  • Tap on the Next button.

You can make it temporary for seven days option. Then, if you want it to be permanent, choose the save option.

How to Edit your Facebook Avatar

I will show how to edit your Facebook Avatar within the Facebook mobile application. Below are the steps:

  • Tap on the Facebook app on your devices.
  • Click three (3) horizontal lines on the bottom right-hand side corner of your screen.
  • Move down and click on “see more”.
  • Tap on Avatar and click on the “pencil” icon near the top right-hand side corner of your screen.
  • Pick on any of your desire changes to your avatar you created.
  • After that, tap the “checkmark” on the top right corner of your screen when you’re done making changes.

Now you see editing Facebook Avatar is not as stressful as you thought.

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