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Facebook is a platform for marketers to start an online business with no funds. Facebook allows its registered users to have access to groups on the platform where they can buy and sell. The term ‘Facebook Buy and Sell’ can simply be seen as a community of marketers where they meet to buy or sell products or goods to those who are interested in them.

Facebook Buy and Sell

As a Facebook registered user, you can join as many groups as you want to start marketing on the Facebook platform for free. To use the group’s feature, you would need to have a Facebook registered profile.

Facebook Buy and Sell

Facebook is known as the most popular and largest social media network for connecting, sharing, and communicating with our family, friends, and colleagues. The platform started off as a student discovery site but later became the platform everyone loves.

It has a marketplace app that allows buyers and sellers to meet for the reasons of buying and selling. There are lots of buy and sell pages on Facebook, you can join to purchase or exchange items or products. You can get the Facebook mobile apk for free on the app store of the device that you are using.

Signing Up For a Profile on Facebook

To have access to Facebook Buy and Sell groups on the platform, you would need to have a Facebook profile. Creating a Facebook profile is very simple and free.  With your Facebook profile, you would be able to join as many groups as you want on the platform. Follow the simple instructions below register:

  • If the Facebook mobile app is installed on your device, launch it or proceed on to  their official website at www.facebook.com
  • Type in the name you want to use for the account; your first name, your surname, and hit on Next.
  • From the options displayed there, select your date of birth and then hit next.
  • Type in your mobile phone number or sign up using your email address.
  • Choose the gender you want to use for the account by ticking out on female or male and hit on Sign up.

The Facebook profile will be will created successfully and you would be sent a confirmation mail or text. You can verify the account with the text sent to your number or with the link sent to your email address. Your Facebook homepage will be loaded on the device.

Logging in to Facebook Profile

If you already got a Facebook account profile, you can log in to access the group via the website or the mobile application if it’s installed. Follow the guides below to login;

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app or proceed to www.facebook.com
  • Fill in login details; your email address or phone number and password.
  • Hit on Log in to load the account on the device.

Your account will be loaded on the device if the login details are right.

How to Access Facebook Buy and Sell

Joining Facebook Buy and Sell groups is very easy. You can easily access the groups’ icon from your home page. Follow the simple guidelines below to join groups;

  • Sign in to your Facebook home page and hit on the Groups icon.
  • From the groups that will appear, scroll through to find or use the search field to find the group.
  • Hit on the one you want to join once you have seen it.
  • Tap on Join Group to send the request, answer the questions.

Facebook will send a notification if you have been accepted into a group. You can access the group from your notification tab.

Buying and Selling on Facebook

The process of buying and selling on Facebook is very easy. There are so many people who want the items or products you sell on Facebook. Follow the simple instruction below to sell:

  • Head on to your Groups tab; select the group you want to make a post to.
  • Once the group is loaded, click on the field that says “Sell Something” and type in the name of the goods that you are selling, add the price for the goods, Provide pick up or delivery instructions and add a little description of the goods and hit on Post to publish the item.

The post will be published and made live once it has been reviewed by the group Admins.

Buying an item or product on Facebook from a group is very easy. Log in to the group you want to buy a product from, scroll through to find the item, and tap on it once found. Post a comment on the item and interact with the seller of the product.


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