Facebook Dashboard App – How to Access Facebook Streamer Dashboard


Facebook has been around for quite a long time now they are simply one of the top social media applications being used today for not only socializing but other purposes. Before Facebook was simply the company behind its services but was recently changed to Meta in 2021.

Facebook Dashboard App
Facebook Dashboard App

The Facebook platform cut across various aspects including gaming which is one of the biggest parts of Facebook. It will shock you to know that gaming has been part of Facebook for a very long time.

Most people only recently come across Facebook games but Facebook gaming has been available on Facebook almost since when we started using Facebook. Facebook gaming has grown so much that we now have Facebook game streamers. If you are a Facebook game streamer then the Facebook dashboard app should be your best friend.

I know most of you are probably wondering by now what is this Facebook dashboard app? Don’t panic you are going to find out all about it in this guide today.

Facebook Dashboard App

The Facebook dashboard application (App) is simply only for Facebook game streamers, it is the interface that lets you stream games on Facebook if you are a Facebook gamer. Non-facebook gamers do not have access to the Facebook dashboard because they are not streamers.

It is only when you are with him or leveled up on Facebook that you will be able to access the Facebook game streaming dashboard. The Facebook dashboard application is the same thing as the Facebook application.

Without the Facebook application all the websites you cannot have access to your Facebook streaming dashboard. This is the reason why we refer to the Facebook application as a Facebook dashboard app. And as I have said above you must be a Facebook game streamer in order to have access to the Facebook streaming dashboard.

Facebook Streamer Dashboard

The Facebook streamer dashboard is the interface that lets you stream games and do other activities as a game streamer on Facebook. This interface has lots of functions and features that will make your streaming career on Facebook a success. Without this dashboard, it is impossible to access the Facebook streaming panel to broadcast your games for your friends call my family and others to stream live. Below are some of the things that you can do with your Facebook live streamer dashboard:

  • You can go live or simply test your broadcast.
  • Gives you access to update your stream information.
  • Alerts can be viewed and managed.
  • Comments can also be viewed and managed.
  • It gives you access to your stream statistics.
  • You can also use it to view the number of stars and value stars received.
  • Helps you to moderate your viewers, etc.

The list is a very long list if we had to mention all this article will not contain them.

How to Access Facebook Streamer Dashboard

Accessing your Facebook stream and that’s what is easy just follow the below procedure:

  • Head over to your creator studio.
  • Now select creative tools.
  • Finally, click on the live dashboard.



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