Facebook Dating App Download Free: Facebook Dating Feature | Is Facebook Dating Available in my Area


Facebook Dating App Download Free? Facebook dating is a new feature on Facebook that gives users the opportunity to find a lover. You must have heard about FB dating and you’re eager to know more about it and how to download the dating app on your device. This article will tell you all you need to know about Facebook dating, how to access Facebook dating for free. So make sure you read to the end.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Fb dating feature is not available in all locations across the world. If the feature is available in your location, you will definitely see the feature on your Facebook app.

If you don’t have the Facebook app, proceed to the google play store/app store. Go to the search tool and browse for the FB app, then hit the install or get button to download the application.

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Facebook Dating App Free

The Facebook dating app offers you free means to connect and date online. Facebook has millions of users who make an easy and added advantage to find a date on the platform. If you fall under the set of people looking for a date, why not grab this free opportunity from Facebook to get yourself a date. You don’t pay to access the platform, so, there’s no need for worries. Thus, you never can tell, you might find the love you’re seeking for years.

Facebook Dating App

If you’re searching for an FB dating app, you can’t find a separate application named “Facebook dating”. Thus, you can access Facebook dating from your normal Facebook app, for there’s no separate app for it. The Facebook app comes with the dating tool, where users access, to search for dates. Right on your FB app you can switch to your dating profile, get notifications, chat, send messages and lots more.

Moreover, to find the FB dating app, simply open your Facebook app, from your news feed, locate the dating app icon at the top of the page, the icon looks like a heart.

Facebook Dating App Download

Have you have heard a lot about Facebook dating then you proceed to the google play store or app store to download but you can’t find the app. I want to let you know that the Facebook dating app is not a stand-alone application. But it can be accessed from the Facebook app. If you have a Facebook app you will see the Facebook dating tab.

Facebook Dating Features

Facebook dating is an in-app feature on Facebook. It displays cards of other Facebook members who opted into the service. And it won’t show your current FB friends as potential matches. The platform is designed for free for FB users, who are up to 18 years old. Thus, the FB dating platform has its own separate profile. The dating profile is different from the user’s FB profile.

The platform is also embedded with features like location tab, the secret crush tab and lots more.

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Facebook Dating Site – Facebook Dating App Download Free

The FB dating site is a space within FB that allows users to meet and start new conversations with people who share the same interest. The dating site is not a different website; you can access it within your Facebook account. If you do not find the dating icon within your FB app, you have to make sure that FB dating feature is available for your location. Also, make sure you’re 18 years and above. These factors can hinder you from accessing the dating site.

Facebook Secret Crush

Facebook Secret Crush was originally announced in April 2019. The Secret Crush platform is where users indicate people they admire and crush on. It allows you to choose people you’re friends with on FB to a special crush list. When you add people to your Crush list, it will only be visible to only you. And also, your crush will be notified that you’re crushing on him/her.  If two people crush on each other, then you’ll be revealed to each other and then gets the ability to message each other.

Is Facebook Dating Available in my Area?

Is Facebook dating available in my area?  It’s a good question. It is true that the FB dating tool is currently not available in all locations around the world. To find out if the feature is available in your area, you just need to check out yourself.

How do I check If it’s available in my country? Navigate to your device and open the Facebook app, on your Facebook homepage, look at the top of the page to see the dating notice. If you can find the dating notice or the heart icon, then you should know it isn’t available in your location.

However, if you’re sure the feature is available in your country, but you still can’t the tab, it can only mean, you’re under 18. The platform is available for users who’re above 18 years.

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How to Create a Facebook Dating Profile

Take the following guide to create a dating profile on Facebook.

  • Launch your Facebook app
  • From your homepage, tap on the heart icon or dating notice on the top of the screen.
  • Choose your gender and confirm your location.
  • Proceed to fill in personal information about yourself, such as height, job, degrees, education and more. FB will suggest information from your FB account, you can edit or change any information you want, using the edit tab.
  • For your profile picture, Facebook will suggest your current Facebook profile pic. If you don’t want to use the same profile picture of your FB account, you can remove it.

The procedure above is steps for creating a dating profile on Facebook. Thus with these steps, you will successfully create a dating profile.

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