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Of all the recent features on Facebook, the Facebook dating app is by far the most impressive. Seriously I don’t think that there is any bad review about this feature. I haven’t yet made use of the feature but one thing you should know is that I have been following this feature since it was announced and to the time it was launched.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating App

With Facebook coming into the dating scene, it tells you a lot about the parent company. Most dating platforms in the world today require payment for their services. And this is one thing the Facebook dating platform is against. This platform and feature will be offering their services for free. You will not be required to pay or subscribe to their services.

Finding love today is something that is not easy. And if you manage to find it you should cherish it. love should be for free and the Facebook dating platform and service is offering users the chance to find love on a free platform. If you haven’t made use of this platform before, then you should. It is very important.

Facebook Dating Review

Many users are with the notion that Facebook dating is a standalone app. Well, I am here to correct that notion. Facebook dating is a feature on the platform. It is not a standalone app but rather it is a feature within the main Facebook app. In other to make use of this feature, you will need to have a Facebook account. If you, therefore, do not have a Facebook account, you will need to create one now.

Creating a Facebook account is free. Anyone can create a Facebook account. And to do this, follow the steps below;

  • Go to facebook.com.
  • Click on the ‘create new account’ button.
  • Enter your details in the required fields and tap the sign-up tab lastly.

That’s it. All you now need to do is to verify your newly created account and continue with the rest of this post.

How Facebook Dating Works

This app from Facebook is bent on bringing something new to the table, something that has not been seen before. And one notable difference from other dating apps and platforms is that you do not need to swipe right and left in order for you to match with potential dates. All you have to do to show interest in a person is to either like their profile or comment directly on their posts or profile. It’s that simple.

Also, Facebook will suggest friends or potential dates to you that are not in your circle. For example, you may be suggested to as potential dates, friends of your friends, and people you are not familiar with. But if you chose to still connect with your friends on Facebook as potential dates, there is the secret crush feature that can help out with this.

The secret crush feature allows users to add up to nine Facebook and Instagram followers to a list. And when a person on your secret crush list adds you to their own list, it’s a match. You can link your Instagram account and your Facebook and Instagram stories to your dating profile. And with this, you can easily share files and other materials.

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