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The Facebook dating service is free and is available to every Facebook user. As a Facebook user, there are a lot of things you are entitled to. There are also advantages you enjoy and finding a date is one of them. However, out of all the benefits, as our topic says “Facebook dating Service” suggests, we are going to focus on the dating advantages of the platform and how to find dates. Although using the Facebook dating service is free; however, you are going to be charged regular data charges so if you are up for it, you can continue reading.

Facebook Dating Service

Before we hurry up and begin using the Facebook service, you have to be sure that you are ready to date. Now I don’t just mean ready to date as in ready to date, what makes you think you are ready, what are the signs that you are ready to date. Below are some signs that you are ready to date.

  • When you get jealous when you see other people happy with their partner because you don’t have one.
  • If your last date was a bad date.
  • If your last relationship is more than six months.

Also, you need to find a date when you watch movies alone at night and you feel lonely probably since you are alone at home.

How to Use the Facebook Dating Service

Now there are several ways to use the Facebook dating service. You can use it via Facebook dating groups, pages and apps. Using Facebook dating groups and pages seem rather simple. Follow the steps below to find Facebook dating groups and pages.

  • Go to Facebook.com and log in your account.
  • Next, tap on the search bar and enter your search term as any dating term.
  • From your results, tap on either groups or pages to filter your results to either groups or pages respectively.

Now tap on the group or page link to visit the group or page.

Facebook Dating Apps

The various Facebook dating apps has played a major role in the Facebook dating service so far. These are apps that allow you to use them in finding dates within the platform.

  • Go to Facebook.com and log in your account.
  • Hit the search bar and enter your search term as “dating”.
  • Tap on apps from your search result and wait until your results have been filtered to only apps.

Simply tap on the use now button beside the app to use it immediately.


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