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Facebook platform is a global platform that can connect people far away from college. It can connect business to its clients. Some may still be wondering if Facebook Dating USA Launch is official? Yes, of course. On September 2019 Facebook Dating USA was launched. Now the United States residents now have full access to the dating App. And for those who were not aware or may not have heard of it before. The USA residents can access the dating site and start dating online on Facebook. Continue to read to know more about the features and other information on Facebook Dating USA Launch.

Facebook Dating USA Launch

Facebook Dating USA Launch

Facebook users in USA can now use the social media dating site for free. The Facebook Dating USA Launch is a cool idea by Facebook bringing it’s site to USA after its existence in some countries as it would be mentioned later. It is designed with specialized profiles, matchmaking algorithms and more.

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Dating on Facebook USA is very easy. On this platform, users are matched depending on their common interests, groups, and events.

However, users do not need to panic because the dating site is built on privacy, safety, and security making it easy for partners to go ahead with their activities.

Facebook dating USA is on the app but it operates on its own. So users need to set up a different profile, that’s if you are interested in dating using this platform. You will be matched with people who are attending the same events are members of groups. But it will not show you your friends on Facebook the option is turned off by default.

How to Date on Facebook USA

Dating on Facebook is easy and what users need to know is how to use the site. Also, users cannot join Facebook dating USA without the Facebook Dating App. The Facebook dating app can only be accessed through the Facebook website.

Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app only allowed users from age 18 and above. Facebook Dating App is on the same platform with the Facebook mobile app on a different tab. Facebook is designing the dating platform differently from other activities on Facebook.

The Facebook Dating App comes with features on the Facebook Dating app called “Secret Crush” that can take up to nine persons. And if they people secretly crushed on you, a notification will be sent to you. This tool works if both parties have set up a Facebook Dating profile.

The Dating App is free and does not comes with ads. The app is Integrated with Facebook groups and Instagram.

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Facebook Dating Countries

Like I mentioned above, that Facebook Dating USA Launch existed in other countries before USA Launch. These are the names of those countries.

  • Canada
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Malaysia
  • Paraguay
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • Guyana
  • Columbia
  • Laos
  • Suriname
  • Thailand
  • Uruguay
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • Vietnam and others.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

  • Go to your Facebook page at www.facebook.com
  • Navigate to the three horizontal line (menu)
  • Scroll down to “ Dating “ (heart icon)
  • Click the “Get Started” button and answer the questions
  • Enter your gender, location, add your photo,
  • On the last screen, click on “Confirm” button
  • Then, wait for your confirmation.

Facebook Dating Profile

You will have to set up a Facebook dating profile to enjoy and get access to Facebook dating USA. Follow the few steps here to set you your profile.

  • After getting your Facebook account
  • You will navigate to the dating icon “Heart”
  • Choose your gender from the options
  • Confirm your location
  • When you are through, there will be about 12 profile tiles and each of the tiles are answers to one of the Facebook dating questions
  • Ensure that the tiles are in place and you can then give answers to the questions in an appropriate manner that will allow your match to know you more
  • Next, choose a dating photo
  • When you are through specify your match in the dating settings.

In conclusion, Facebook experts are working to implement the rules and safety of users online. This includes the ability to report and also block persons, stop people from sending photos, links, payment, and video in messages. Also, you can get access to safety tips and much more information about the Facebook Dating USA Launch.

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