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Facebook faces mass legal action over data leak. If you have been following the news lately, then you will notice that Facebook is yet again the center of attention and attraction. The social media giant is all up on every news platform all over the United States for all the wrong reasons.

Facebook Faces Mass Legal Action over Data Leak

Facebook Faces Mass Legal Action over Data Leak

Over the past few weeks, there has been report of mass leak of user data on the platform. One which has kept users fuming. This is not the first time something of the sort regarding the platform is taking place. It is reported that over 500 million users on the platform have has their personal information leaked. And this is including their personal phone numbers and others.

Users all over the world were affected and not just only users in the United States. And just recently due to this, a digital privacy group is taking the whole situation by the horn. And they have done this by taking the case to the Irish courts on behalf of European citizens affected. Other Facebook users on the other hand have been urged to take legal actions against the social media giants whose data were compromised due to the mass data leak.

What Facebook Had To Say

Just like always, Facebook is denying any form of wrongdoing here. As they claim that the leaked data were scraped from publicly available information on the Facebook website. The director of digital rights Ireland (DRI) has on the other hand warned other social media platforms. And tech giants that the move could be the beginning of what he termed a ‘domino effect.

The further went on to say that, ‘this will be the first mass action of its kind but we are sure it won’t be the last. The scale of this breach and the depth of personal information compromised is gob-smacking.’ Lastly, he added that the laws are there to protect consumers and their personal data. And it is high time that these tech and social media giants see things with reality as to the fact that the protection of personal data must be taken seriously.

It is claimed that Facebook has failed to protect the data of its users. And has also failed to notify the affected persons by the DRI. Happened first in 2019, the data leak was discovered and fixed. And just recently it is made available for free online. Individuals who partake in this legal action against Facebook could be compensated a fee of €12, 000 if successful.

The Domino Effect

What is the domino effect and what does it mean here. The domino effect here simply means, if successful, what happens next? Well, if successful, a door could be open for other class action down the line. Tech companies will then work harder on keeping user data safe. This is of course after finding out that they will compensate individual users in the case of any leak or breach.

An investigation has already been launched by the Irish data protection commission. The commission will assess whether the social media giants have breached any of the GDPR. Or data protection acts of 2018. And if found guilty, the platform will face fines of up to 4% of its turnover.

Facebook said in response to the legal action by the IDPC said, ‘we understand people’s concerns. This is why we continue to strengthen our systems to make scrapping from Facebook without our permission more difficult. And go after the people behind it.’

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