Facebook Fan Page: What is A Facebook Fan Page | How to Create Facebook Fan Page


Facebook Fan Page, is a page which businesses, organizations, political figures, and celebrities, can use to showcase themselves on Facebook. A fan page on Facebook is one of the many features of the platform. It is also one of the business features Facebook has got to offer.

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook Fan Page is visible to everyone on the internet and can be used to advertise businesses, brands, products, or services. It is a business account, that represents a company or organization, offering unique tools, for managing and tracking engagement.

A Fan page on Facebook is simply created for promotion. With this feature, you can easily promote your rand or business for free. Although, there are other paid tools the feature has to offer such as Facebook ads which is a very effective tool for businesses and brands using Facebook.

Facebook Fan Page Benefits

Now that you know what a fan page on Facebook is, what are the benefits? Do you know? If you don’t, below are some of the benefits of a fan page on Facebook.

  • Businesses, brands, artists and personalities, can use Facebook Fan Page, to establish a significant web presence on the Facebook website.
  • Use Facebook Fan Page, to advertise business, brand, product or service
  • A user, can become a fan of a page, by visiting the page, and tapping on the “Like” it tap.
  • Creators of a fan page can send fans, updates about their company, product or services.
  • Users can have more than one fan pages tied to their account
  • Multiple users, can manage and contribute to a page using their own Facebook login information.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page

To create a Facebook fan page, follow the steps below;

  • Log into your Facebook personal profile
  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen, and tap on the “Create a Page” link
  • Once you click, the “Create a Page” link, the next menu, will display a variety of page options.
  • From the displayed options, you can choose either to create a page for a local business, a company or institution, a brand, an artist or band or a cause.
  • Click on the category that you desire
  • Upload a photo for your page
  • Key in information, to display on the page, and invite other Facebook users to become fans.

How to Promote Facebook Fan Page

Once you create a  Fan Page, you are to effectively, promote your page with links and content. To effectively promote your page;

  • Post engaging contents, to the page regularly
  • Choose articles, and media content, that is relevant to your industry and announcements about promotions that your company is running.
  • Engage with fans, by commenting on their posts.

How to Post on Facebook Fan Page

To post on a Facebook fan page;

  • Tap on the text boxes
  • Key in what you want, or paste a link
  • Finally tap on the “Share” link, to post to the page.

Facebook Fan Page, is ideal, for building a following online since it does not limit a user by friend request. Granting you access to an unlimited number of fans, Facebook Fan Page, helps you build a large community, for your brand, business, and profile.


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