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Facebook so far has been successful as both a social media and a social networking service company. The platform was initially found by mar Zuckerberg along with his fellow students. Facebook allows users to connect with friends and family members. It can be used to catch up on old times as well as share memories. Facebook groups make the platform more fun as it is a collection of people with the same interest. Now a lot of information is shared on Facebook groups and if you wish to find a piece of particular information, you will have to use the Facebook group Search Tool.

Facebook Group Search Tool

The Facebook Group Search Tool is a tool on the Facebook platform that will enable users to find specific information. Users can search for particular keywords to help them find posts. The Facebook groups search tool can be accessed and used for free however you have to be a Facebook account owner. That is to say, you must be a member of the platform before you can do so. Creating a Facebook account is free, but you need an active data connection. Using the Facebook platform might cost regular data charges but apart from that, there is no extra cost.

Facebook Groups List

If you are a member of a lot of Facebook groups, you can take a look at the list of your Facebook groups. Your Facebook groups are groups you have joined on the Facebook platform and you can post or comment on those groups. That is to say, you can post or comment on any group available on your Facebook groups list.

  • Go to the Facebook official website using the URL www.facebook.com. That is the Facebook official URL. Simply sign in your account.
  • If you are using a desktop, locate by the left side of the site the “groups” icon or text and tap on it.
  • For mobile device users, tap on the menu icon and then on “groups”.

That is how you can easily access your Facebook groups list. When you have accessed your Facebook groups list, you can tap on the group link to join the group.

Facebook Open Groups

Facebook open groups are different from Facebook closed groups. These groups are groups that you can view the contents on without having to join. A closed group, on the other hand, requires you to join the groups first before you can access or view the contents. Open groups on Facebook are also recognized as public groups.

How to Use the Facebook Group Search Tool

Using the Facebook group search tool can easily be done with any device connected to the internet. The steps below if followed accordingly will guide you in access and using the Facebook search group tool on any device.

  • Go to www.facebook.com and sign in your already existing account.
  • Access your Facebook groups link using the steps above and tap on the group you want to search on.
  • By the left sidebar, you should see a search box with the inscription “Search this group” tap on it and enter your search term.
  • Hit the search or go button and wait for your results.

Above is a simple guideline on how you can access and use the Facebook group search tool. Remember, it is free.


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