Facebook Level Up – How to Join Facebook Level Up


Facebook is indeed really leveling up, although Facebook is still Facebook there is now a general company that handles all the affairs. This company is called the Metaverse, in a way you will say that Facebook has leveled up.

Facebook Level Up
Facebook Level Up

But Facebook level up means a different thing entirely it is simply the term that refers to a partnership for the Facebook game streamers to monetize Their streaming. It is strictly for game streamers on the Facebook platform.

Is very similar to the way people monetize the YouTube channel although to be eligible is not nearly as difficult as the YouTube partnership program. In this guide, you are going to get all the information you need to know if you are interested in leveling up your Facebook account.

Facebook Level Up

The Facebook level up creators program is a partnership that was announced by Facebook gaming. It’s simply a way for people who already own a Facebook gaming page on Facebook to be able to make one from their live game streaming. Leveling up simply means monetizing your Facebook game career to make money with it.

This program not only helps users to monetize Their broadcast it also gives them 24 hours install access to Facebook support, they also get to join a private group that is invited only for Facebook level-up individuals. This is not all here comes the best thing is also getting a Facebook partner badge to show or let people know you are partners with Facebook.

Once you have been accepted into the Facebook level program you will not have the ability to earn income from your streams using the Facebook stars currency. Also, you have access to high-quality transcoding (1080p 60fps streams) and access to beta products and features before release.

How to Join Facebook Level Up

This program is quite new but packs a lot of punch for its infancy. So many Facebook streamers are so excited and happy that they can finally get paid while doing what they love on the Facebook platform.

However excited you are about the program you will need to make a deliberate effort to join and be accepted to enjoy the benefits.

If you do not know how to join or you are simply confused about the process below I have listed all the steps for you to take.  Just follow them as they are exactly:

  • First of all, you need to create a Facebook gaming content creator page. If you already have a page you not using you can convert it
  • Start posting and sharing your gaming content to make sure you grow the page to as least 100 followers.
  • You also have to constantly stream gaming content on your face for at least a 2 day consecutive period in a 14 period.
  • Finally, you must stream at least 4hours of the same gaming consecutive period. This means you must stream at least for hours of the game within 2 days a week.
  • Once this is done head over to the creator studio and track your progress.
  • After that, your page would be reviewed and if you meet the requirements you would be invited to the program.

Facebook Level Up Eligibility

In other to be eligible for this program first of all you have to be in a country that supports this program. If your country does not yet support it don’t panic the feature is being slowly rolled out. Also, you must be 18 years or older and have at least 100 followers on your channel. You also need to meet the level up program requirements I have listed above.



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